Upp Upp & Away

Ever have a friend blind date? I have. Actually a few times now in Sweden and its been pretty dang cool. I did not meet them on some “make a friend online system” – no – I met them via that Huntington Beach boy from previous posts – starts with a Z, ends with and ach. So in a crazy unlikely way I have been able to meet and make some true Swede friends who have shown me an insider’s view on the local runaround.   

On a whim and my free day in Stockholm, I headed right to T Centralen and made a straight shot for Uppsala. The hometown of Erik Gustafsson: Swede with a Hawaiian’s heart and joyful-no-schedule-ran man who was so kind to show me around this awesome old town. It just so happened to be Kulturnatten – which is their annual tradition – where pretty much food, art, music takes over the city and kept us occupied (easily) the entire day. Saw a cathedral, old surgery center, had a great lunch and conversation, met some friends, bought a few things, had an am-MAZE-ing oat ball that tasted like heaven (can’t remember the SweWord for that) climbed a few bridges, broke a few rules, spent some time on and roof top, saw incredible architecture in the form of a concert hall and pretty much conquered Uppsala. Haha well, that’s my opinion.

Much to my tourist appreciation, he did not mind my constant picture snapping and we actually got some cool shots. Scroll through my day.


I believe we walked 7.3 miles that day and I enjoyed every step. Made a new friend and saw a quaint city. Good day for sure. One of my favorite 8 hours fur sure.

What about 4 blind dates at once? Yep. Done it. These are not blind dates like people would normally say, but what else am I supposed to call heading to meet people you are introduced to  via another friend, only talked online and agree on a meetup? Not romantic, but nonetheless, a friend blind date. New definition. Ha-annnyways, back to the new spals (swede pals). So I met up with 4 awesome guys: Andreas, Benjamin, Freddie, and Jaconb. We went to a pretty great church at the St. Eriks Plan subway stop. Luckily, they had this lovely device called a translator. So I sat there and listened to a great message. Loved it. Had a nice fika and moved on.


On to sushi. Yes, I know I live in Seattle and have previously claimed to not like sushibut I am growing to enjoy it. We then hit up a few shops. One, being a second hand store called Beyond Retro. This is far beyond Value Village and Goodwill. Wa-aaayy better. I dug through a chest of scarves and found my pearl. Actually made a decision in the shopping area. Pat on my back. I am happy to say I now have a silk scarf from Sweden. I wonder where it came from and what woman wore it before me. THEN we visited one of the famous churches – Hillsong – reigning from none other than Australia. Music was great. Message as well. Hit up McDonalds and I was on my way.


Dang. More to tell. I had the pleasure of meeting Sofie’s parents at their home in Stureplan. They cooked a delicious meal and we ate in an environment that would mirror an extravagant Christmas meal for two. Take a look – it explains it all. Spent hours together. Talked on the terrace. Had a lovely tea and dessert. Couldn’t have been a better See ya later Stockholm. And I was on my way to Helsingburg. THAT is a story to tell….much to come.


and the next will detail….the first BUMP in the

road. what a story.


~ by Andria on September 14, 2009.

One Response to “Upp Upp & Away”

  1. Wow what a funfilled day, love the setting for dinner, love hearing about your day’s. can’t believe you were up on top of a school…lol well no I am not surprised!

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