twist. turn. torn.

i came to post what i already wrote. then i erased it. rewrote it and then it didnt save. really, get more annoying. so basically, im skippping it all now and just giving some news. and a clif notes version of what i wrote and some random thoughts for your friday reading.


we moved this week. annoying but good to step away from my normal routine. my closet lost a few pounds and i found some things i thought were lost.

i’ve been feeling my whole 24 hour response rule for email, msg’s, etc. is this really possible and is this a good rule? is it normal to spend hours and hours in your inbox? how can i be better at this?

brought back to my core with a simple message from a friend. “Delight yourself also in the Lord, and He will give you your heart’s desires” -Psalm 37:4

my friends are leaving town. so many of them. Colorado. Chicago. New York. please, everyone stop leaving Seattle…I know you have med school and new jobs but it’s just getting fantastic here and i’m tired of going to “going away parties.’

 i battled with 74 snails this morning. literally. so gross. beat that.

someone sitting around me has the most intoxicating cologne on. im in a trance. guys: if you have nothing going for you….get bomb cologne. the girls will flock.

 should i ask him what he’s wearing? 🙂 and yes, i’m eavesdroppping on their meeting.

a little something from a shoot that starts with L. 

There are, a few things I’m excited about that kind of count as news:

Be on the look out because an ALL NEW BLOG is in order. it’s crazy to think that just over a year ago i started all this just as an outlet. then it turned into something completely different, but i’ve reached the max on Emerald City Sightings. i will always blog. always. it’s helped me and connected me to people/things i never would have thought possible. plus i just have this need to say/show stuff.  i recently bought my template for a real photographer’s blog and will be working on that to be be up hopefully very very soon. i need high res. i need full screen. i need something that lets you know you are in deed looking at a photographers blog, not some random seattle coffee blog. i need it to be quicker and load faster. i need it to match my website. you did me well. I’m moving on to bigger and better.

I’m REALLY hoping I will be able to share my Lululemon images here real soon. sorry, that part is not up to me….but they’re really ready to be shown.

With this new house, I have my very own office space.  with built-in shelving and drawer space and a futon in the corner and all. i’m totally siked on this. thank the lord i can have an actual work space. and i know my roommates are thanking the lord too. 🙂

I’ll be in Spokane next weekend for three shoots and just to see if i can get in one more ….I’m opening it up for ONE more spot, just in case someone has an idea or need! Shoot me and email and lets get to it.


a lot of good things have happened this week. let us focus on the good rather than any tornado of life you may feel yourself in. that’s all. over and out. happy friday.



~ by Andria on July 16, 2010.

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  1. still wanna go with you! call me (:

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