cal pal

so i decided to keep it in the family this week. you saw quinn earlier this week and now I have the pleasure of introducing of her little sister callan. callan came on up on wednesday to join the festivities and her and i set out for a shoot i dreamt up a month or so ago. it was one of those fantastic afternoons and i knew we’d get some awesome sun to accompany us on our day out. callan’s at that stage, you know, when you’re little sister goes from being a little sister and the one you catch listening on the other end of the phone and transforms into this beautiful soul and more of a best friend than sister. my sister went through that with me a year or so back and it’s been fun to watch Quinn and her sister become such great friends and to be able to develop a relationship with her too. thanks for sharing. callan is really fun and kinda crazy (in the best way possible.) she says what she thinks and has the best come backs around. she has some spunk and flavor but has a whole lot of love for her family.

so i pulled up. set up shop and got to work. music pumpin. catching up on all the boys stuff we could and revin up for our time together. i told callan a few days back that i thought she should pack with “flower child” in mind and she said no worries, half my closet is flower child. i dolled up her face and curled and combed her hair and styled her little outfit. it all came together beautifully and im really excited to show you what we got. the sun was perfectly set and i was jammin lady gaga. i was SO surprised at how comfortable she was in front of the camera. so comfortable and was so ready to get down and have fun with me. as i was checking the lighting in the grass i heard my phone go off, so i checked it and found out OMG i am a finalist for the Crossroads Fashion Contest!!!! its a national contest and now in the hands of a fashion board who will be voting on the winner who then will be used for a national ad campaign and sent a 1k check in the mail. ahhhh. so i was pretty much screaming in the grass and jumping up and down and callan certainly joined in with me. the energy was pumping and we were ready to roll. ahhhh i love getting news like that. sometimes opening up my inbox is SO exciting. (the winner has yet to be chosen…i’ll keep you in the loop…cross your fingers!!!)

so here’s callan. these may or may not be used for her senior photos and i’m honored to be able to give her something not senior-photo-ish at all. who wants to lean again a brick wall with your lettermans jacket on. come on. she was way better taste and it was a pleassssure to shoot with you cal pal. enjoy.

{i love this. it was a “ok, just stand there so i can test the ight. turns out to be one of my favs.}

[ this is what lady gaga does to us on a shoot ]



if you want to see more, come back tomorrow. there will be a 2nd set. which i think are even better. the sky turned unbelievable.  

Leave callan some love and if anyone out there wants some not-senior-photos….you can send your thoughts my way at

Hair:  me. 🙂

Makeup:  me 🙂

Styling:  same. and some collaboration with Cal.


~ by Andria on July 14, 2010.

8 Responses to “cal pal”

  1. my sister is smokin hot! amazing job Andi. you are the greatest.

  2. Nice job!

  3. LOVE…the styling in your shoots is always sooo amazing 🙂 This is definitely what you’ve been put on this earth to do sister!

  4. These are amazing. I’ve been following your blog and you are extremely talented. I love your shoots

  5. thank you Catherine! thats the best thing to hear because i totally believe it is as well and i appreciate you saying so!

    Alec….thanks for saying hi and for following! glad you like her stuff..more to come!

  6. CAN I PLEASE HAVE SOME OF THESE TO FRAME?!?!? CalPal is gorgeous. Ahhhhh…thanks for sharing your little sis Q (:

  7. Oh Andi – what more could a mother ask for? I get to see both of my daughters featured in your amazing light.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you.
    Wtih love and gratitude.

  8. We love all of them, hard to pick favorites…look forward to seeing the rest tomorrow…pictures look very natural, not fakey posed.
    Gramma & Grampa P.

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