blushing bride

GET READY. This is one of the best things I’ve ever gotten to do and talk about.

There are some moments in your life you will remember forever. Like really remember, until your 94 and grey. I recently experienced one of those moments, and it wasn’t even my moment. As you may know (or soon will) a best friend of mine, a sister really, got married to her soul mate on June 26th. my first best friend at college. the reason why we have Q&A time. the source of so much wisdom & guidance in my life. There are few words to adequately explain the emotion felt on this day. there are few ways to share just how special this girl is and how much the people surrounding her on this day wanted nothing less than perfect for her. What started out in a chance and a risk in relationship and giving her heart away ended up in an eternal union and love and devotion that I have yet to see elsewhere. Needless to say, the 3 days of events and moments leading up to this were soaked in as carefully as we could. I knew it would fly by and I just kept saying, soak it all in – soak it all in.


This day was truly truly perfect. Waited for and prayed for and when it came, it came and nothing seemed to be out of place from what girls dream of. We stayed out in Bellevue at the Hyatt and when the wedding morning came, there were 7 girls, mothers, grandmas and ONE bride prepped for the day. Quinn had her planners from True Colors Events with us all day and I cannot say how wonderful they are. They made her day effortless and run so smooth. Its no wonder they have pretty much won every Seattle award possible. I cannot say how blessed and what an honor it was when Quinn asked me if I’d take some photos of her and the whole prep period leading up to her wedding. I had no idea what I would feel shooting this. you’ll see her, us, beauty tools and plenty of fluff. But when the moment came to put her dress on and the door shut with just me, her mom and the maid of honor, Erica, I lost it. This is the moment. I was completely taken over by the sentimental joy, love and excitement for one of my best friends on the biggest day of her life. Something was in that room and I just couldn’t stop crying. Everything was perfect and I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a breath-taking dress (it’s a Monique Lhuillier for all those asking)-  let alone bride. The images speak for themselves. I take no credit. I was just there with a camera in my hand – and just absolutely blessed that I was able to be the one to capture this for her. Thank canon. and thank you Quinn for asking me to do so. I cried when I loaded them on my computer, the whole time I was editing and every time I look at them. She’s just so fantastic. But really, when did I turn so weepy?

From here, an even more perfect day took place. The tears didn’t stop, we danced like it was 1999 and the fun lasted until 3 am. We’ve been talking about this day since and I will always have the most special moments from 6.26 they are leaving for Colorado this week and will no longer be called seattlites. so all of this now becomes even more important and such a fantastic memory we’ll look back on often.


a text from the boy

best wedding shoes ever. like whipped cream.




now this is quinny



 { “andi, you cant cry….you’ll make me cry” ]


 love how the light off the mirror hits her ring

[ again. a moment you’ll always remember ]

showing her off to all the moms and girls

ready to go! time to see jeff

so in love with this image.


Last thing I must say: This experience really really really made me realize that when shooting a wedding, I am going to be so adament that I get to be there for EVERY moment of the day. honestly, quinn’s photographer missed out. Just look at her. When I shoot a wedding, I want it to be about me naturally being there to capture the little moments. Not about cramming your wedding into a specific amount of hours. i don’t want to make you rearrange your schedule so you can have pictures of your cake being cut. I don’t want to be worried about leaving at the top of the hour rather than telling your story with a set of images im proud to put my name on. So yes, this means I’m toying with the idea of only offering all-day coverage. Not saying im gonna jack up my prices or something, im just saying that every detail of a wedding should be captured and im not afraid of staying an extra hour or editing 300 more images. This is what I love and moments like this make me feel the so lucky to do what I do.


I’d love your feedback on the whole all-day coverage idea. if you are a bride or not. girl or boy. Wedding’s are being booked and 2011 is looking good. I’d love to offer something just a little different than every other photographer out there, because last time I checked….the moments like this, the ones you’ll always remember are not planned out and cannot be reenacted.


Quinn’s Talents:

Event Planners: True Colors Events – Travis & Jesse

Venue: Snoqualmie Ridge Gold Course

Florist: Fiore Blossoms

Dress: Monique Lhuillier – oh yes, the same designer Carrie Underwood just wore!

Cake: Creme de la creme

Hair: Sayward Spalding

Makeup: Kathy Evans

DJ: Seattle Parties




~ by Andria on July 12, 2010.

21 Responses to “blushing bride”

  1. I’m IN LOVE. These are incredible Andi. You really captured the beauty of that entire day and gave Quinn such a great gift with these pictures.

  2. Awesome pics Andi! Quinn looks amazing! And I swear thats the same dress Carley is wearing in just 3 weeks! And I say the more coverage the better….I had almost 12 hours of coverage and I wanted more. If you can handle it as a photographer and not get exhausted, its SO worth it!

  3. Once again well done my dear. I know this session was near and dear to your heart. You have a gift of using your words and photography to capture the moment. God has truly blessed you with this gift. Can’t wait to see where He takes you. !!!!! love you

  4. I absolutely think your idea of the all day wedding package is fabulous. Although, some people are very traditional and want the posed pictures. I, however, love the candidness of your photos – I think that’s how your photography is able to tell a story with no words! You take amazing pictures girlfriend and I agree Quinn’s photog missed out by not being there to capture those special moments…good thing you were there to catch those special memories!!!

  5. A treasure chest of images for those of us who were not there to witness the exquisite behind the scenes moments of preparation that created our beautiful bride, Quinn, later walking down the aisle on her pround father’s arm. I love the scenes of Quinn and Tracy and friends getting ready together. Thank you Andie for capturing these scenes forever. Granny Janny

  6. Andi these are beautiful photos and Quinn was a stunning bride! You did great capturing her in her essence on that day. There is nothing like a girls wedding day and these photos will be a gift to her always. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Dear Andi,
    Thank you so very much for capturing all our emotions with your incredible photography skills. I found it difficult to breathe as I scrolled through your work. I now know how the term “breathtaking” came into being. What a formidable combination – your amazing skills, my beautiful daughter and a powerful love between the two of you! I cannot thank you enough.

  8. Amazing!! her photographer couldn’t of captured Quinn like Andi did because these girls know each others everything and Andi knew how to capture the real story of this Bride and it shows! well done Honey. You are a blessing to many! Man i love these…

  9. These are so gorgeous, Andria & Quinn. I’m totally crying. Loving the close up of all the hands tying her ribbon- that one totally got me!

  10. Andi, you are amazing! Everytime I look at your pictures I am beside myself! All day wedding photos are a must, most of my favorites are of the pre-game stuff.

  11. my favorites are the ones of Quinny’s face close-up with her eyes closed and the other with her other BRIGHT BLUE eyes open! she is stunning! and you are an incredible photographer!!! keep it up, Andi! you rock!!

  12. my favorites are the ones of Quinny’s face close-up with her eyes closed and the other with her BRIGHT BLUE EYES open! she is stunning! and you are an incredible photographer!!! keep it up, Andi! you rock!!

  13. Awesome as always! You will be a stellar wedding photographer! One of the things I appreciated most about our photographer when our daughter got married, is that he didn’t want to leave and got some of the greatest shots of the people at the wedding and reception! It captured so much more than just the wedding party and those involved at the beginning. You will be exhausted at the end of it all, but I know you will be up for an all day affair! Great idea! Great pics as usual!

  14. ok, i cried!

  15. Oh my goodness, these are absolutely wonderful. You captured Quinn’s spirit and happiness in such a beautiful way. It doesn’t feel posed at all- completely organic. I love these Andria, and can’t wait for you to do my wedding. You’re AMAZING!

  16. Your photo’s moved me to tears! so beautiful. i hope that you can do family photo’s for me one day!

  17. thank you everyone for all your comments and love on quinn for this post. by far, the most favorite thing ive ever put up and i know she was blessed by all your words to her. its things like this that are the biggest reward and get me so excited for the future. thank you for taking the time to write and say hello. all i can say is bring on the weddings cuz this definitely wet my appetite.

  18. These take me right back to it. I wish that weekend would never end.

  19. Andria! I can hardly handle it! I think it would be a bit obnoxious to comment on But gosh, I want to! These photos are beyonddd gorgeous, they are perfect and brought tears to my eyes even though I don’t know Quinn! She is very lucky to have you as a friend!

  20. That one of her mom hugging her from behind. Breathless.

  21. Liz!!!! Haha please! Don’t think it’s obnoxious, I love hearing what u have to say!!! Thank you for always all your kind words….i CANNO. Wait to see you as a bride! You’re going to be fabulous.

    Serena….I know. We were all crying then. That was one one the most beautiful moments I’ve ever got to capture. Avalee is next. 🙂

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