H&T Wedding: Part 2

Ahhh day 2. This is where the fun begins. It’s funny to think about the vast scope of emotions felt throughout the entire wedding day: joy, excitement, nerves, anticipation, deep love, eagerness, laughter, tears, some to feel sadness, relaxation, completion, devotion….and lots and lots of others –  and it’s even more interesting to watch those feelings take place right in front of my camera. The day has a natural journey and I love the fact that I can tell that story to others that weren’t even there and to the bride who said the day went by in a blur and she looks forward to seeing every moment captured. I’m so emotionally tied to my work – I just don’t see how I couldn’t be, I get to have the “in” on so many private moments. There were several times that brought tears to my eyes during their day. one being, holy cow, when she first saw her dad. There went my tears. I wonder to myself, ok are people sitting there wondering like why is this photographer crying? Haha. Being able to put yourself in others’ shoes is what does it. I just know hoe incredible special those moments are and how you want to soak them in and remember them down to the little details. Another reason why I feel blessed to be able to have a way to give a lasting reminder of those memories. Alright…I’ll quit gushing.

So this post marks Heather and Trevor’s couple’s session and the beautiful reception hosted at Freed Farm in Bothel. I always want to tell people what was going on behind the scenes in photos. All you can see if the final piece. For example, with these, because H & T waited to see each other during the actual ceremony…that meant that after family and bridal party photos, we had about 17 minutes until the reception started. With a 12 minute drive to get us there. I’m sorry but you cant be a photographer and crack under pressure or fold when the time is short. Thanks to H&T who opted to be a few minutes late and let me get a few minutes of them together. These are – after all – the photos you’ll want to put on your wall. The ones where you’re relaxed and get to soak up the fact that a Mr./Mrs is now in front of your name. I spotted this little grassy outlet during H and I’s bridal mtg and thank the lord it was so close – I love those colors. Served as a beautiful backdrop.

Party time. 🙂  I love tented receptions. You’re in your own world. One with a 25 ft ceiling and I just love how it holds you and your guests in like a warm little envelope. This is where they spoke. Ate. Toasted. Kissed. Cut. Fed. Danced. Tossed. With a young and hip crowd…there was plenty of dancing feet on the floor and a candy bar I may have dipped my little hands into. this is where you celebrate and get to feel like a guest at your own wedding. This is the end of your wedding. Enjoy theirs.


a doe. a deer. a wedding day visitor.




[ and off they go. ]

So that wraps up it up for Heather and Trevor. Again, very very excited and blessed to have been part of their day. Thanks to Afton – their wedding planner – who was so helpful and set this whole day up with her prepared hands. i cannot imagine a wedding without a planner, no one should be working or lighting candles at their own wedding. Thanks to the mystery man who went back and found my camera charger. Thanks to Mother Nature who held kept the rain from falling. And thank you for looking through their photos.


Feel free to leave them some love if you attended….or even if you didn’t. Keep your eye out for the upcoming weddings I’ll be doing/posting. If you would like information about having me along for your wedding – email me at Andria@AndriaLindquist.com 

monday. monday. we’ve got a new bride and a pre-wedding session going up that is one of the best things i’ve ever gotten to shoot. she’s fabulous. can’t wait to tell her story to you with a flood of images.


~ by Andria on July 9, 2010.

6 Responses to “H&T Wedding: Part 2”

  1. love them!

  2. My favorite picture is the one of the pear jelly bellies.. so great

  3. Awesome- Amazing Pictures!!! It was so great working with you and you better believe i will be recommending you to my brides. Hope to work together again:)

  4. you are a rockstar. i wish you were my wedding photog 🙂

  5. quinn nailed it on the head…you’re on a rockstar. end of story! once again, i LOVE your work missy!

  6. i’ve just come across your site by chance, i’m a professional photographer in the UK, i have never ever felt the need to comment on a blog before, but thought i would now, your images are stunning, several made me feel quite emotional, and i don’t feel like that often! i believe someone like you should spend all day with a bride, the images your getting will stay with them forever, they are going to look at them in years to come and smile, and thats what its all about, bringing back those memories and emotions, you do that very well! very well indeed!

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