cal pal dos

day two of this little lady. how the heck is it already thursday? my life is flashing before my eyes and next week i’m gonna turn around and be 37 it feels like. soak it all it in. “cherish the present” (yes, i think this may be happening next week, if you know what i mean. if you dont, then nevermind.) anywho, we have a 2nd set and my personal favorite up today. what i liked about shooting with callan was that she trusted me. like when i said, hey lets bring this random chair from my basement, she was down and offered to carry it. then, turns out some of my FAVORITE photos were with that chair we picked up off the street a few yrs back. see, one man’s trash is anothers treasure and may just be a great prop. i’m learning to be more vocal with my thoughts, to try something that sounds stupid when it leaves my mouth, to not be afraid of what they’ll think when i say it. dont be a pansy with your ideas, and I guarantee you’ll be stretched. im saying that to myself, not you. there are those moments when all things connect and come together to make something fantastic: the girl, the streaming sun, random props, beats going and then whammo it creates a visual dynasty. haha, but really – i love when people just trust me and are willing to follow my lead or even throw out a fun idea themselves. all i’m saying is, lets not be boring. we’ll all be happier in the end.

2nd point. this shoot reminds me – once again – how crazy lucky and in love i am with the relational aspect that comes gripped hand in hand with photography. photography is SO relational. dont think you just go out and shoot mute. its the in between and the hours we get to spend together where i get to learn your story and what makes you tick. i will always have this unique bond with the people i shoot with – and im so thankful for it. i get these random blessings by mail, email and just in bulding new’s incredible. case in point: the other day when it was 104* in my room and I was working and sweating to death yet having a bomb day, I got a package in the mail from AZ and lone behold it was from Callan. She sent me a book called “She” with all these insirational things about women who rock it and inside wrote me the nicest note ever and said she “just couldn’t leave it on the shelf, it seemed like it had been written for me.” totally absolutely made my day. as i read through the book several times, I was like YES these are the thoughts going through my head, this is the stuff that motivates me to be doing all this! thank you callan for that unecessary but absolutely appreciated. i will have it on my new bookshelf in my new office. 🙂 and it will remind me of the “She” i want to be.

ok, so God painted the sky that night. holy moly.

love love love this image. and thats a wrap.

oh but wait….the retarded dog we met MUST be shown.

this wraps up Callan’s shoot and I’m mighty pleased to have worked with her. next time i see her, maybe it will be on the hot Arizona soil. just a note, If you want to be able to click through each individual photo you see up here…make sure to head on over to my new and growing photography Facebook Page here...because the world runs a little smoother with FB. right? either that or it totally messes up your productivity level for the day. you decide. Toodles!

Hair:  me.

Makeup:  yours truly

Lighting:  God.

Styling:  A collaboration.


~ by Andria on July 15, 2010.

2 Responses to “cal pal dos”

  1. Love , Love, LOve these pictures. Callan you are a real Beauty !!!!!

  2. Love all of them, so spontaneous and free–my favs for senior pix are #3, #11, &#24–but hard to choose when all are special!
    Granny Janny

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