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red hot

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i’ve had all too much in the consumption of liquids this morning, but my bags are packed and food loaded and im hitting the road for spokane. a few shoots. a bridal meeting. and some family time. sounds like a plan. i love early mornings like this. i love early mornings. it reminds me of winter season growing up and having everything all ready to go the night before, crawling into the car when it was still dark out, and driving a few hours to the mountain for a day of skiing. or that one day when we left for disneyland at like 4 am (maybe) when i was little. it makes it more exciting when your creaking around your house getting ready for a trip. plus then you don’t have the anxiety of waiting all day for the trip to come. anyway.

 i hate doing more than one ‘sneak peek’ in one week but its this or nothing and i figured this was better. comes from the same shoot i posted a few days ago. different girl. different look. i love love love her banging red lips. that shine is awesome. these posts will FULLY be up next week and I’m crossing my fingers that they will be accompanied by a new blog. that way i can upload them ALL at once, rather than one by one by one…which takes forrrrever. in any case, enjoy this little lady and one of my favorite quotes. my dad gave me a bracelet with this quote on it and i loved it dearly. then i lost it. but i still remember the quote by ralph waldo emerson.

what lies before us and what lies behind us, are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.

its not a verse, yet still one of my favorite sayings and concepts. have any worth sharing? what’s your life quote that you’d say if someone asked what your favorite quote was? it may help entertain me to get notices while i drive cross state. ok, time to hit the road!


off the wall

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i’m dealing with all this FTP and new-blog-design-hooplah today – which takes time but i love whats being created, so i’m showing a sneak peek.  no words. no clues. all i can say is IM SO EXCITED to show what the heck is going on with these images. its a fun story. there are cool girls. and an awesome location. enjoy this hot little lady and a taste of what’s to come. i’m done editing this entire shoot and will be showing more soon!  isn’t she beautiful?


have a fantastic wednesday. happy hump day.

FEATURE: Marita & Andrew

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Remember the lovely Marita and her fiance Andrew? Well, I’m excited to share today that our little engagement session got featured on the East Coast wedding blog Postcards and Pretties today. Cheers! So, please head on over and check it out! Thanks Chris for the feature and congrats to the beautiful couple who wanted to design a meaningful and creative engagement session with me. Happy Tuesday! 

You can see the feature on Postcards and

Pretties HERE.

if you’re interested in having a styled engagement shoot – hair, makeup, theming – you can email me at


the gift

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some days the story is more important than the photos. today is one of those days.

a few months back, my phone rang and it was a little gal that i had recently shot with. ashliegh. her pure voice sang praises and words that i do not deserve, but that was not the reason behind her call. see, she told me how she had shared her photos with a good friend of hers. her manager and a woman she had a liking to. she reported that when she had shown this woman her and her brothers’ session with me, that the woman had cried. when she had told her of the blessing and expereince they had together and now the memories they had behind these photos, that the woman said she wished her and her family could do the same. now, i was not there and it may have been said in passing, but this kind-hearted girl ashleigh decided that she wanted to run with this woman’s words. this is where the call came in.

ashleigh told me she wanted to buy this woman a session with me. as a surprise. and as a gift. that if she could bless someone in allowing them to have an experience like she had, and if she had the means, than she should. she was able, so there we were. we talked logistics and how this would work and within a few minutes, it was all planned out and she said a check would be in the mail. we hung up and soon i had tears in my eyes. this is exactly why i have joy leaping out of every part of me. this is why i feel so undeservedly blessed. i am a tool and the fact that i can be a part of a gift like this, blows me away. ashleigh, thank you for your heart and your gift. i have a feeling that this story will bless far more than just me or this family.

so today i get to bring to you a family. one that is full of life and energy. one that seems to function more of friends than of family. we spent a few hours together last week and had a lot of fun. i let these kids run wild and let loose. got them all riled up, you could say. we could hear their parents instructing from a distance, “hey knock that off, come on guys!” when really i wanted them to have fun and be themselves. this is – after all – what a family is. it’s being able to rough house, tell each other’s secrets and still care and protect each other. we are nothing without our family. i know ya’ll have seen family photos….so I’m just including the fun ones. the ones that show just how much fun and laughter was there on the shoot. enjoy.





so last thing. because of how blessed i was through this story and someone’s pure kindness, i really wanted to offer up a little challenge. an open mic if you will. if you’ve ever been blessed with something like this, been surprised with total kindness of another, would you take a minute to share it? it can be big, it can be small. it an be a gift or just a kind word. you don’t have to give names or all the details, but please do tell.  i know people are all too nervous to comment on here, but a joy is to be shared not kept. i think it would be a nice way to start the week and blot out the yucky monday blues. so that’s the challenge. you may bless another by sharing.


* i’ll start: the other day, because of worry and care of a mother. mine took my car in to good ol’ Les Schwab. found out it needed a good amount of work done (due to an accident while on my way to a shoot, a while back) and without batting her little eye, she set up an appt. for me and gave them her card. now, i’m a big girl and i support myself, but she did what she did because she could and wanted to. so because of that, i got to use that $$$ to invest in the new blog i have up my sleeve. so when you see that baby roll out here soon, you can know why and send a little thanks to my mama. and know that i’m safely driving down the street. *

twist. turn. torn.

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i came to post what i already wrote. then i erased it. rewrote it and then it didnt save. really, get more annoying. so basically, im skippping it all now and just giving some news. and a clif notes version of what i wrote and some random thoughts for your friday reading.


we moved this week. annoying but good to step away from my normal routine. my closet lost a few pounds and i found some things i thought were lost.

i’ve been feeling my whole 24 hour response rule for email, msg’s, etc. is this really possible and is this a good rule? is it normal to spend hours and hours in your inbox? how can i be better at this?

brought back to my core with a simple message from a friend. “Delight yourself also in the Lord, and He will give you your heart’s desires” -Psalm 37:4

my friends are leaving town. so many of them. Colorado. Chicago. New York. please, everyone stop leaving Seattle…I know you have med school and new jobs but it’s just getting fantastic here and i’m tired of going to “going away parties.’

 i battled with 74 snails this morning. literally. so gross. beat that.

someone sitting around me has the most intoxicating cologne on. im in a trance. guys: if you have nothing going for you….get bomb cologne. the girls will flock.

 should i ask him what he’s wearing? 🙂 and yes, i’m eavesdroppping on their meeting.

a little something from a shoot that starts with L. 

There are, a few things I’m excited about that kind of count as news:

Be on the look out because an ALL NEW BLOG is in order. it’s crazy to think that just over a year ago i started all this just as an outlet. then it turned into something completely different, but i’ve reached the max on Emerald City Sightings. i will always blog. always. it’s helped me and connected me to people/things i never would have thought possible. plus i just have this need to say/show stuff.  i recently bought my template for a real photographer’s blog and will be working on that to be be up hopefully very very soon. i need high res. i need full screen. i need something that lets you know you are in deed looking at a photographers blog, not some random seattle coffee blog. i need it to be quicker and load faster. i need it to match my website. you did me well. I’m moving on to bigger and better.

I’m REALLY hoping I will be able to share my Lululemon images here real soon. sorry, that part is not up to me….but they’re really ready to be shown.

With this new house, I have my very own office space.  with built-in shelving and drawer space and a futon in the corner and all. i’m totally siked on this. thank the lord i can have an actual work space. and i know my roommates are thanking the lord too. 🙂

I’ll be in Spokane next weekend for three shoots and just to see if i can get in one more ….I’m opening it up for ONE more spot, just in case someone has an idea or need! Shoot me and email and lets get to it.


a lot of good things have happened this week. let us focus on the good rather than any tornado of life you may feel yourself in. that’s all. over and out. happy friday.


cal pal dos

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day two of this little lady. how the heck is it already thursday? my life is flashing before my eyes and next week i’m gonna turn around and be 37 it feels like. soak it all it in. “cherish the present” (yes, i think this may be happening next week, if you know what i mean. if you dont, then nevermind.) anywho, we have a 2nd set and my personal favorite up today. what i liked about shooting with callan was that she trusted me. like when i said, hey lets bring this random chair from my basement, she was down and offered to carry it. then, turns out some of my FAVORITE photos were with that chair we picked up off the street a few yrs back. see, one man’s trash is anothers treasure and may just be a great prop. i’m learning to be more vocal with my thoughts, to try something that sounds stupid when it leaves my mouth, to not be afraid of what they’ll think when i say it. dont be a pansy with your ideas, and I guarantee you’ll be stretched. im saying that to myself, not you. there are those moments when all things connect and come together to make something fantastic: the girl, the streaming sun, random props, beats going and then whammo it creates a visual dynasty. haha, but really – i love when people just trust me and are willing to follow my lead or even throw out a fun idea themselves. all i’m saying is, lets not be boring. we’ll all be happier in the end.

2nd point. this shoot reminds me – once again – how crazy lucky and in love i am with the relational aspect that comes gripped hand in hand with photography. photography is SO relational. dont think you just go out and shoot mute. its the in between and the hours we get to spend together where i get to learn your story and what makes you tick. i will always have this unique bond with the people i shoot with – and im so thankful for it. i get these random blessings by mail, email and just in bulding new’s incredible. case in point: the other day when it was 104* in my room and I was working and sweating to death yet having a bomb day, I got a package in the mail from AZ and lone behold it was from Callan. She sent me a book called “She” with all these insirational things about women who rock it and inside wrote me the nicest note ever and said she “just couldn’t leave it on the shelf, it seemed like it had been written for me.” totally absolutely made my day. as i read through the book several times, I was like YES these are the thoughts going through my head, this is the stuff that motivates me to be doing all this! thank you callan for that unecessary but absolutely appreciated. i will have it on my new bookshelf in my new office. 🙂 and it will remind me of the “She” i want to be.

ok, so God painted the sky that night. holy moly.

love love love this image. and thats a wrap.

oh but wait….the retarded dog we met MUST be shown.

this wraps up Callan’s shoot and I’m mighty pleased to have worked with her. next time i see her, maybe it will be on the hot Arizona soil. just a note, If you want to be able to click through each individual photo you see up here…make sure to head on over to my new and growing photography Facebook Page here...because the world runs a little smoother with FB. right? either that or it totally messes up your productivity level for the day. you decide. Toodles!

Hair:  me.

Makeup:  yours truly

Lighting:  God.

Styling:  A collaboration.