wedding: Heather & Trevor

its often said, this is the day i’ve been dreaming of my whole life” when people are referring to their wedding. typically by the bride and sometimes those dreams were of the dress, the venue, the ring, her father…..all that. I haven’t really ever been one to plan my wedding out or be dreaming of that day here and now, but something I can identify with and what does get me all weepy eyed at weddings, is the forever part. The part that with all the planning, years of dating, decisions, and hopes….a few minutes passes and you are spiritually, emotionally, legally, and eternally joined to someone. This is the man your children will call father, the one to carry your birthday cake with 60 candles on it, the one who will be by your side – on trips and throughout troubles. it’s the fact that a wedding represents 2 lives being regarded as one that gets me. its one of the single most beautiful occasions in anyone’s life and surely something that needs to be captured. i’m happy to be the capturer.

shortly after heather and trevor got engaged last year, I recieved a message from her and very quickly they decided to book me for their wedding. i remember her excitement and joy in the initial messages and that joy was obviously surpassed on her wedding day. what i loved about being in her presence was her spirit and her joy on this day. she was calm and collected and eager to just see trevor. the two did not see each other until she was walking by her fathers side down the aisle, which is oh so uncommon these days, yet i love the tradition and sacred aspect that comes in doing that. one thing that popped out to me during the prep-period i spent with the girls, was how many times ‘best friends’ was said in regards to heather & trevor. her mother said, we thank you that heather joins her best friend today….” in the prayer before the ceremony and although this is a common concept it caught me. this is the way marriage is intended and designed. to be shared with your best friend.

i spent almost every moment with this group that day. from getting ready to running to their car from the reception. i’m going to be so partial to shooting like this from now on. i really think its the only way a wedding should be shot. there were very special moments all throughout the day: Heather’s grandparents being able to attend, the first look with her father, the surprise from Trevor with an extra wedding band, intimate moments between the two during our session alone, watching her friends and family watch the two share their first dance. i feel incredibly blessed that i was able to witness and capture this beautiful day for heather and trevor. i hope you can feel the emotion and the excitement between these two and their entire wedding party and family. i was so estatic while editing the set, i love the anticipation and emotion in shooting a wedding. ahh i love love. i love telling a story and showing it through images.

Here is the day. to Mr. and Mrs. Uhler.

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 time to prep





now this is the moment girls look forward to

[ i love this image so very much ]




and the ladies


the whole gang



so obviously the wedding didnt stop up in that cement room. this post is flowing with images and quite long so I’m saving their couples session (which i LOVE!) and all of the reception for tomorrow. Come on back for the rest of the wedding. it is some of my favorite work, and they look fabulous. green fields. cupcakes. kisses. and plenty of dancing.  see you…..tomorrow!


~ by Andria on July 8, 2010.

5 Responses to “wedding: Heather & Trevor”

  1. I don’t know what i love more… your writing or your photography. You’re incredible!

  2. You did such a great job Andria! These photos brought tears to my eyes. You really captured the heavy emotions of the day.

  3. Stunning. I hope you like weddings because the requests are going to come in when these are seen. They are all beautiful people but you really make it shine! Great job! Will you do Avalee’s wedding? I just want to book you in case your schedule gets filled.

  4. Amazing pics Andrea! Hope everything is GREAT with you!

    Lots of love from Stockholm

  5. thank you laura! I LOVE the writing aspect and i’m glad to hear i dont just sound like the teacher off charlie brown. ppl read it! haha. thanks.

    oohhh liz thank you, if it makes you feel better, i cried during their day too so were in the same boat.

    Sereney. 🙂 i do like weddings and i welcome the requests, including avalee’s – honestly, im down and we should probably start talking what you have in mind for it. i mean, i know she isn’t 1 yet…but you cannever be too prepared. thank you for your sweet comment.

    Sophie! Lots of love from America! i love how you swedes always write that to me when we talk. haha. i love knowing her wedding made it over to sweden…thanks for stopping by. i am well….we need to chat! i need your help w something!

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