one.two.three. familee.

there is common misconseption that you turn boring, old and grey when you have kids. this could be true, especially if you already were before you had kids. but there are some people who have kids and get even better. jason and rachel are those people. the fun ones. i met them through a doll that i shot with a while ago with her brothers. ashliegh. in any case, these two and their daughter met me for their first family session. stepped out of their range rover, along with their daughter Penelope – yes, her name is Penelope which may be the cutest name ever and now i see that it is a family name – we met, and we embraced. it was our first meeting, but i’m more of a hugger. 🙂

within seconds, i knew we were gonna have fun. they just have this aura around them. one that says, hey we are people that people like to be around. we’re the ones in the middle of the circle. we’re the ones that make you feel comfortable right away. so my goal was to make them feel like they weren’t at Sears and they weren’t bored and uncomfortable. the day was perfect and my allergies were in full gear. i wanted to know all about them and how they came to be ‘jason and rachel.’ michigan people they are. met in college, somehow hadn’t met eachother until the point they had after being in the same circle. he works for the hotel group and she is the CEO at “Penelope Rose” whose duties i see include “waste management, discipline enforcement & transportation logistics.” muhahaha. she is fun and has a pretty pretty smile and laugh and he rocked Raybans like the best of em and had a deep voice that sounds like a saxaphone. they now have this little princess named penelope who came in tow with matching skinny jeans. you could tell she is just the apple of their eye.

so went and talked. stopped and snapped. got some family pictures. found out they love ice cream just as much as i do, shared favorite flavors,  and that they are yet again one of those couples that look like each other. not in a wierd incest way, but just look like they were meant for each other. like how in 101 dalmations, the dogs match their owner. when i asked them what they wanted in these pictures and what they would be looking for, they said…they will pretty much be covering the walls of our house. they requested some black and white and some in color. when i went to edit, i realized wow i really never do B&W. then i got going and i realized wow i really like B&W. maybe there’s a new streak coming. i love the fact that the work i put time into will end up on people’s walls. the biggest compliment would be to walk into someone’s house and see that. wow. it’d be like walking into my own. except i was the one that hung the frames in there. 🙂 so here they are. meet jason, rachel, and penelope.


change of location


 pretty pretty




i think that i like family photos. not being in them but doing them. when i get to be in charge and set the tone, i like it i like it. i really had fun with these 3 and once again feel super blessed by the “clients” i get to work with. they are the best and i just cant get enough of the feeling, when i drive away, post shoot, and have this big grin on my face. most likely im pumping lady gaga or michael buble and my world is complete. love it. this is what i was meant to do.


~ by Andria on July 1, 2010.

One Response to “one.two.three. familee.”

  1. penelope…i die. such a great name. and hot mom too. love love love the B&W of daddy holding penny over his head w/ the sunburst in the background. you’re good girl. cheers.

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