barrel of monkeys

my dad used to always tell me, “friends come and go, but family is forever.” it was usually accompanied by an explanation why our family night trumped whatever my friends had planned that night. and while it may not make total sense to a 17 year old girl, there is truth in that. luckily, my siblings are pretty bomb so its never total torture to spend time with them. i’ll argue on the fact that friends come and go, but it is true that family is forever so pull on it and get comfortable. i absolutely cannot imagine what being an only child would be like. boo. sounds horrible. siblings are like built in best friends. there is an age when you realize this and hair pulling turns to advice giving. I’m there. they know you longer, better, more deeply than anyone else. its a different kind of love.  there is also a family i got to spend time with recently that displayed a very unique bond and personality. 

i met up with Brittney and her brothers. 4 of them. 4 boys. enough said. they are all within a few years of eachother which only adds most chaos to the mix. Brittney – 22. Landon – 19. Milo – 18. Alez – 16. Nate – 16. i absolutely cannot explain their energy and only wish i had used the video capabilities of that camera of mine. im not a videographer, so i’m really hoping you can see just what was going on in this session with them. you have to consider yourself a lucky lady when going to work is what puts you in a good mood. gets you out of a wierd funk. I am a lucky lady. i was having a flustered day and things were just not going right. technology. the weather. probably had a bad lunch. but then i showed up on a grey muggy day and got to talking to this group. i walked up to a few crude jokes about “gingers” only for it to go down hill from there. 🙂

these four boys. they provided me with an uncontrollable laughter. i don’t care what the commentary was or if it was pastor approved, i laughed harder than i have in ages and my entire day changed on the moss and rocks of a beach. the grey sky was a perfect backdrop. their laughter and smiles popped from those muted colors and dull blur of the sun. i wish their audio could be paired to every frame you’ll see. poor little brittney was all too embarrassed and apologizing for their craziness, but i’d have it no other way. thanks to you 5 who brightened my day and listened to about 4% of my direction. i hope you like the photos.



most favorite ever

these are a post-fathers day gift. see now, I’m actually a fan of the people who forget or send late gifts/cards/congrats. so when really a great event comes along….don’t worry people will remember but then a week later that person ends up sending their card and then its perfect because its the song that never ends. a week long birthday or celebration. so a few weeks later, you have now this gift. and because this was 3 of 4 shoots in a row that week, thank you for you patience…i wanted them to be perfect. i went immediately from here (with a lovely friend)  to the Seattle Weekly Web Awards where yours truly lost by the skin of my nose to a Seattle PI Writer (which you can see HERE)  for “Seattle’s Sexiest Blogger” award….but hey i got a lovely photo and didn’t lose my arm in a magic show. 🙂  win.

and of course, remember friends come and go, but family is forever. but i say just make your friends like family and you’ll be good to go. and tomoro we have more family love. really the cutest threesome up tomoro…..cant wait to show you their session!


~ by Andria on June 30, 2010.

One Response to “barrel of monkeys”

  1. Everything you touch is beautiful, Andi. Everything. These sibs make me want to have more than 3 kids just so they can have more best friends.
    PS I vote recount on the Sexiest Blogger.

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