Family Show

i have a big family. it keeps getting bigger. getting us all in one city let alone one location takes talent. recently, when i was down in phoenix for the first annual lindquist family vacay, we scheduled some pictures with Promise Tangemen – a local photographer, designer, artist girlie. so on a verrry hot afternoon, all 14 of us went out into this grove – couch included – and sat through some family photos. after pulling some teeth and getting my grandma’s to smile, the immediate family member skipped off to a desertish location for a few more.

i will admit. it was wierd to be on the other side. not because i’ve never had my picture taken but i really feel different now being the object. ahh i don’t like it at all. well not as much as how it usually is.  mostly just on the one-on-ones. shoot, now i know how you all feel. i have more compassion. i think that was all the more reason to reassure me that  giving a lot of direction, being vocal, goofy, relaxed when i shoot will help the people i’m working with feel comfortable in their own skin. it’s so important to me that you do.  i’m happy to stay on the end i usually am, but here are a few family portraits to show you. i’m the girl in the blue. 🙂 i love my family but pretty soon we’re not gonna fit in one frame.


youngest to oldest

[ josiah – 9 ]

[ hope – almost 11, going on 26 ]

she gets 2 because she is so beautiful

[ meagan – almost 21 ]

[ cj – 22 ]

[ and this is me. ]

[ serena – 26 ]

[ the whole gang ]


lovely right? ahhh. last time we shot with promise, there was only 7 of us and the wind was literally 79 MPH. i almost blew over it was so strong. made ofr some sick photos tho. take care. I’m coming back with more tomorrow. a family that is not my own. 5 crazy siblings. a beach. spinning circles.

oh hey, candid. never far from my iPhone & water.  🙂




~ by Andria on June 28, 2010.

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