today is a very special day. tomorrow is even more special. a best friend of mine is getting married. Quinn Pina will become Mrs. Quinn Bartsch and I couldn’t be more excited. quinn is a very special girl and has been a friend of mine since before day 1 of college. she is well mannered, sweet, very kind, generous, mindful of others’ feelings, incredibly motivated and intelligent, diligent, servant, sister in Christ, listener, hyper, soda lover, talented marathon runner, woman of God. soon to be added to that list is: wife.

Quinn and Jeff met during college. He was an already guy friend of ours but a switch flipped one day and these two have had stars in their eyes ever since. this is my first time seeing a relationship start, form, develop and be established into something marriage worthy. i think that’s why its such an event and such a milestone. It’s fun to think back, oh remember when….and to think those first secret weeks of them dating would turn into something lasting forever.

it has been a joy to be able to watch these two. they are the most in-love, caring, sensitive, fun, full of laughter and understanding couple i know. I can honestly say they are absolutely totally perfect for each other and I feel so blessed to have been so close to the situation while on their path to marriage. one of the best things about these two is their honesty. i have learned so much from them, just being able to be on a distant sideline has opened my eyes. they approach everything with patience, understanding, love and trust. they are slow to speak and quick to listen. there is never a time that jeff doesn’t walk through our front door that quinn doesn’t squeeel and jump up. their love is so evident and can be felt in the room. i cannot wait to see her walk down the aisle to jeff. I cannot wait to see what these two do as a couple together. i have so much confidence in them. this day has truly been waited for in patience and I could not be happier that it has arrived. quinn and jeff. i’m so happy for you.

nothing will be normal or ordinary about this weekend and these next couple of days. this is a 3 day drawn out celebration, just as it should be. they will be joined by friends and family from all over the U.S. and standing among best friends and family that support you fully. thank you for being an example and for showing me so much to admire. there will be no focus but on you two this weekend. you have waited and the day is here. this is no ordinary union. it’s incredible to think this is truly only the beginning for you two. so much is ahead.

i’m including a few photos. this was my very first shoot with people and the moment when something clicked, hey i like doing this. thank you coming along and your encouragement since that day.


so here’s to Quinn and Jeff. i have a feeling it’s going to be an emotional weekend considering i’m sitting here blabbering already alone in front of my computer. i hope they soak up every moment possible and enjoy this celebration fully. the girls’ and i are ready. ready to be with quinn on her big day, get dolled up, hold some flowers, boogie on down, watch our sister get MARRIED!



~ by Andria on June 25, 2010.

2 Responses to “THE WEDDING”

  1. This was great Andria! I love the work that you do! Have an amazing time this weekend! What a special event and day in their lives and you just started it off with such a sweet post! P


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