wedded: jen and andrew.

like the snowflake analogy, weddings are just the same: there are no two alike. i have been involved in so many weddings you’d think i used to be an event planner. thankfully it wasn’t 27 dresses style and i actually was an event planner. i got to see a wedding from a whole different perspective 2 weeks back. so instead of standing there with an event order, it was my camera and a way i’d much rather see a wedding thru. june 12th jen boorman became jen godderz. a married woman. 

i left grey seattle on a friday morning and headed east. 4 hours and 4 new CD’s later, I arrived in sunny spokane. welcomed by my 4 year old nephew insisting i let him jump of a 6 foot jungle gym. funny, cuz i didn’t even wonder or worry what jen’s day would be like, it’s spokane…i knew it was nice. and it was. the day came and I drove on up to Trezzi Farm – a local vineyard and tasting room, scouted out a few portrait locations and tracked down the bridey. i’ve also seen a lot of girls on their wedding day and jen was one of the calmest. she was confident, excited and totally relaxed. the ceremony came and in front of their family and friends, the two made the biggest decision in their lives. i was so excited to once again see Pastor Jim Trull marry a couple. The last time I was at a wedding with Jim,he was officiating my sisters and I was hysterically bawling on the stage as she walked down with my dad. uncontrollably and hystically. this time, i was a bit more collected. anywho, it was a pleasure to share this day with them and see these two enter such an exciting time in their lives.

i was totally humbled and blessed when i was wrapping up my time with them. we were stepped away from the crowd to go out for the B&G portrait session. I had some cheesy romantic song on (that I just love…) and driving down the road. i was quiet and they were just taking a few moments to talk, smile and realize they are really married. i looked back in my rear-view mirrow and it was so sweet to see them interact. it hit me, and I felt so blessed to be a part of their day. love is incredible. even if it’s not mine, its incredible to witness. i was so taken back by the way andrew loves jen. he was so sweet, caring and precious to watch with her. he abolutely lit up when he first saw her. he just stood there grinning. he carried her through the rough terrain. he held her bouquet. for some reason, its always how the groom looks at the bride that really gets me. jen was safe and happy with him. i love our portrait session together. wished it was longer. we got some awesome sun break and thankfully the sun started setting and giving a nice glow.

congrats J&A and i wish your love and marriage all the best.

(ok, i LOVE the first viewing…they’re so happy)



as said before, this kicked off 3 weddings in a row. that means i’ll have another one to share with you soon. a very special one is taking place this saturday. i’m in it, not shooting it…but you better bet you’ll see some images from it. that one has me all jazzed and excited. thursday kicks off the wedding events and i’m gonna be emotional for the rest of the week.  you have no idea. june 26th is the event of the year. 🙂 get here already.


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~ by Andria on June 23, 2010.

2 Responses to “wedded: jen and andrew.”

  1. beautiful Andi!!

  2. Great job Andi- and it was so good to see you!!! Love you- Jim

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