e-session: M&A part 2.

when i sent a little teaser to maria’s phone while editing this session, she said oooh they kind of remind me of The Notebook. i think so. kind of young love with a flair from the olden days. innocent playing and having fun in the field. i mean, what couple doesn’t do that on a nice monday afternoon. we did. i like this half of their session soooo much. considering the fact that these 2 spent a year distanced from Japan and Seattle, I have a feeling they know a thing or two about time, patience, luggage and the first sighting. i have so much respect for couples who date long distance. there are so many things that come up that a couple residing in the same city do not go through. the ending makes it all worth it and although they do say absence makes the heart grow fonder, not everyone makes it through a distance and time. cheers to you two. the luggage fits here. the props used in this story all have a story. boxed luggage comes from my family. the record player, from a trusting friend of theirs. the vintage pentax set, a giver many steps away and a surprise to receive. i love that old film camera. i’d like to see the person who was the original owner and the photos its taken.

we ended their session with a blitz of fantastic light that made me go crazy. there are moments – a few minutes really – when the sun blurs thru the trees and colors their skin to be this beautiful milky color and i just cant get enough of it. these are a tad sexy, i think. i love marita’s dress and how they look. how they interact. it’s fun to grab the photos at the end of our time, we’re totally comfortable, ready to do whatever i yell out, and they always end up being my fav. please enjoy these little visual morsels for your tuesday.









that wraps up everything from M&A. They are having me design their Save The Dates, so once I get those all made up….i’ll get up for viewing. there will be a lot of love going up the rest of the week. all couples actually. stay tuned. toodles.


~ by Andria on June 22, 2010.

4 Responses to “e-session: M&A part 2.”

  1. I love the sun burst one! these are awesome, as usual!

  2. Once again…you never cease to amaze me with your work. I love the coloring..truly vibrant photos that share a wonderful story! love it miss.andi!

  3. The love between these two pops out in these photo’s… omgosh I love this shoot Andi, What a beautiful couple!!

  4. Andria, the photos of Andrew and Marita are so lovely, I’m in tears…… Andrew’s Mom

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