e-session: Marita & Andrew

do you believe at love in first sight? what about internet dating? i actually just saw on a commercial that 1 in 5 relationships start with internet dating. ok, so i dont see myself signing up for a profile on e-harmony tomorrow but i do happen to form a lot of relationships with people online. we meet, exchange words, ideas, talk by phone and then the day comes. I say i’ll be in the green explorer, we pitter patter towards each other and i say, “hi-eeeeee I’m andria.”  just this week, i have been overwhelmed with the flow of amazingness of the people i get to work with. i feel so lucky. case in pont: marita and andrew.

Marita emailed me a while back and inquired about engagement & boudoir. within the very first few emails between us, i just knew i was going to be in love with her. sometime you can just tell. she came with a very specific idea, theme and location in mind for their e-session and better yet…she had all these meaningful accessories she wanted to include. things that have hidden meaning and represent something in their relationship. sushi, for meeting in japan. specific music they love. others. you’ll see. that totally sold me. i knew we would be great together.

Meet Marita and Andrew, who have a fantastic story.  As Cortney and I curled and primped Marita, the two of them shared their story back and forth and pieced together the path that brought them to marriage. They met in Japan when they were juniors in highschool – when both of their families were abroad, one teaching and one in the navy. Andrew came back to the US to attend UW and Marita stayed in Japan for one year until she came here to attend Seattle University. The two have been dating for 6 and 1/2 years and will be getting married next spring. I saw a few pictures of andrew beforehand and for some reason, I was expecting someone 5’10. ummm, nope I was wrong. The two stood on my porch and Andrew was way tall and makes Marita look even smaller than she already is. he is quiet at first but is fun and has the best smile when she makes him laugh. she is kind and sweet and was very well preparedwith stacks and hangers of clothing options. after styling, makeup applications, curls, teases, dressing, chatting….we set out to a new spot in Discovery and set up shop. oh, i forgot violet. she is their malamute. a birthday present from andrew and the cutest thing everrrrr. she was happy to be along, except for the screams and yelps when we had her tied up. she lived. don’t worry. anyway, here is their session. i love love love them.

omg i almost forgot! so we were trekking thru some serious greens to get to the spot. marita was a trooper and had scrapes to show for it (thats why i shoot in boots). so, minutes after we started…i began to feel a little something on my lip. like it was getting bigger. i have very sensitive skin, and some sort of creature bit me and holy smokes within minutes it kept growing and growing and growing, it was hot and my skin literally felt like it was going to split it was so swollen. i kept shooting, pretenting i didnt have a lip tumor and hoped it wouldnt get worse. M &A were quite concerned for me too. sorry you had to look at that. turned out being fine and eventually going down…but it will remain a mystery what the heck got a hold of my lip out there. the price for art!











dont worry this is only part 1. they booked an extra hour so we could get a whole nother look and location, which may very well be my most favorite couples photos i’ve ever taken. i cannot wait to show them.  we ended our shoot at sunset and parted ways only to go eat right across the street from eachother. the next morning they were headed off to Pensacola, FL to plan a wedding. live and be in the navy. be together. enjoy that humidity marita….I’ll be up here in the rain and grey.


formal wear. luggage. sunset. an old pentax.


Makeup: Cortney Weedman

Hair: Andria Lindquist

Location: Discovery Park

Wardrobe: Anthropologie

~ by Andria on June 21, 2010.

4 Responses to “e-session: Marita & Andrew”

  1. Oh my goodness, love everything about it! Love the styling, love the location, love her ring! You did an amazing job! And that pup… Ugh, so jealous right now! 🙂 Can’t wait to see part 2!

  2. Love it! SO romantic….. love the picnic idea.

  3. Thanks kel and liz! omg I LOVE her ring too, i love that style. so elegant.

  4. Young love, so beautiful! Thank you for capturing Andrew and Marita’s personalities so well. Andrew is in the Air Force, his dad and I were in the Navy.

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