seen that bumber sticker “my kid is smarter than your kid.” or better yet “my kid can beat up your honor student.” first of all, don’t brag that your kid can beat up another kid, get him some hooked on phonics and brag about their brain.  i dont like those bumper stickers or any in general but i will say, my niece and nephew are cuter than yours. they are. i drove on over to spokane last weekend to shoot a wedding and the bride was kind enough to work out a great accomodation set up for me. my house. and even better, my sister, brother-in-law and their babes were in town as well. as was my little sister, meg. remember her photo post HERE? so aside from the 1700-ish images i shot at the wedding, i had to grab a few of my little sweeties. Avalee and Malachi. she is just a few months old and he is wiser beyond his 4 years – and mouthier. i honestly have never met a child that is more fun than this boy. every word that leaves his mouth is hysterical and i want to take him home with me. he asked me to marry him and also told me (when asking for candy at 9am and I’d already snuck him a sucker and donuts & told him no more…) that those were in fact not candy, those were protein so they clearly don’t count. Avalee doesn’t say as much, but she cooes constantly which is like infant singing, it’s beautiful. i know you don’t know them…but these are my fake children. i love them.



the sun is shining and it’s friday. enjoy it. toodles.



~ by Andria on June 18, 2010.

One Response to “CuterThanYours”

  1. Malachi’s tounge is in the shape of a heart!! haha cute pics

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