so i was thinking about 3 seconds ago about the feeling i used to get as i stepped into my blocks on the track or the rush i got when i ran out of the locker room onto the volleyball court. i can still feel it. it’s hard to explain, its that twirl inside your heart, the jump, prick….wooosh of adrenaline. you can literally feel your heart swell.  i know you’ve felt it. i have felt it about other things too: a boy – yes. his sight, sound, that certain ring tone sing its song.  also, the seconds before i went up to give a speech or presentation. but mostly, I’ve felt that woooosh in sports. mainly because you’ve worked so hard. spent extra time in the gym. went to bed early. skipped soda. trained trained trained. and then you step out on the court and not only are on display but others are counting on you. your teammates depend on you. all those responsibilities roll into a beautiful rush of adrenaline. i love it. currently the only thing that makes my heart skip and drop at the same time is what you’re looking at (and a certain best friend of mine walk down the aisle next week). only I’m staying up late, drinking pop (and a lot of coffee) and haven’t exactly spent extra time in the gym. either way, one should always always have something that makes your heart pitter patter. this is mine. people are still trusting and giving me a responsibility. plus there is a lot of passion involved. that rush is present in my heart.

so the thought and feeling behind the photos I’m showing today. i’ve known many simple yet so beautiful female athletes. i have always been one to admire beautiful women than checking out men – don’t get the wrong idea – I’m just being honest. women are beautiful. and that female athlete who is fantstically talented on the court/field/track as well – she is to be admired. and to go one step further, we all have our routines in life and in athletics. the images i wanted to show today are just those moments. the moments of her routine and getting into the right state of mind to kick some. no matter the initial rush of adrenaline, there are moments she has. time to get ready and run through the plans in her head of how she will conquer what she is setting out to do. that is what we had in mind. i hope that shows through.


[ in living color ]

[ total fav ]

sometimes i really miss being in sports. there is just no replacement for the feeling of getting a sick kill.ace.handoff.dig.finish. there just isn’t. i have the best memories from my athlete days. days of screaming. being overly competitive. being a captain. being in uniform. and wearing matching hair ribbons of course. there are so many wonderful things to be learned in athletics and i know that many of my characteristics came through my sports days. you better bet my daughters will do the same. no cheerleading, sorry. so with that and with all this reminiscing. i am signing off. it’s funny because i really hate the days when i only have time to write a bit and share a ‘sneak peek.’ writing is such a release and i dont care if you skip over it. i’m pulling myself out of the past and heading back into my editing. have a fantastic day. i hope you like my gal.


~ by Andria on June 16, 2010.

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