sporty spice: kathleen.

happy monday. little bit harder returning to work when the sun is out. and we have a week of full sun coming our way. which is a delight because i will be out shooting 4 days this week and am thanking mother nature in advanceas is saturday’s bride I’m sure. today i get to introduce Kathleen. She and I met last year when we were both modeling at a CRAVE event fashion show at teatro zinzanni. she and i hit it off right away. she is seriously fun girl with a lot of personality. the kind that takes over the room. not in an obnoxious way, but a hey i like this girl kind of way. a seattle native that spends her time in Ney York. an actress studying on the East Coast who returns to Seattle for the summers. she returned wednesday and then a few days later we had our reunion. i love stories like this, it’s so fun to be able to meet people and then a year later still have a friendship, meet up, catch up. she and i had been planning a shoot and we went with a more athletic look – as she will be submitting these to the Sport division at Wilhelmina in NY.

she has the total perfect bod for this i think. long and lanky and looks like she actually does exercise. the hair and makeup was so simple: airdry hair and apply eyeliner. the quickest i’ve ever done. the fact that she  has this long volumous hair naturally makes me a bit jealous. but the grass is always greener….i know. we shot up on Capital Hill at the beautiful Volunteer park. I had gone there a few weeks back and knew it would be a fantastic spot to shoot at. if you haven’t been there, please, check it out. anyway, went on up there and just played around for a bit, tossed a ball around, did some sit ups. being that she is in this type of industry already, she was oh so comfortable in front of the camera which i loved.  i wanted her to have a more old school athletic look – and she happens to be wearing my track shorts from HS. see, this is why it’s good to be a pack-rat! i pulled these from an old box of school uniforms, probably from the 70’s or something. i love them. this is half of her shoot, tomoro we’ll have the other half to show with some seriously beautiful rays of sun.

this first few i love. i accidentally set one with this color tone when i was finishing up editing and i LOVED it. initially i wanted a lot of color and for the images to pop – but i think she looks fantastic in these few drained of all color. that is all. meet kathleen.




like the prop usage? i’d like to thank the wonderful Erica Saarloos for loaning out her equipment to me. 🙂 hope you liked her set. see you here tomoro for some more.



~ by Andria on June 14, 2010.

5 Responses to “sporty spice: kathleen.”

  1. Andria,

    You rock. I absolutely love love love how these turned out! Cant wait to see more. You are so talented! 🙂 cant wait to do some more shooting :)))))


  2. Who is this Erica Saarloos you speak of? Can I meet her? She sounds like a pretty swell girl

  3. Thanks Kathleen! I’m so glad you like them….I like the next batch even more. and yes, I’m excited to shoot with you again. soon!

    hmmmm carlos, how many emails can you possibly make up? you areErica Saarloos’ biggest fan…come on’ you know who she is.

  4. Great pics- you totally pulled Kat’s personality in the pics! Love them. Now let’s get these off to all the modeling agencies- she is the next Shape cover I see it!!

  5. I absolutely love how you captured the “messy bun”. It was all the rave while I played soccer in both high school and college and for some really weird reason it seemed as if the best athletes always had the best messy buns. : ) Fabulous pictures.

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