senior preview

on the road again. funny, i’ve spent like 3 nights in my own bed out of the past 4 weeks. i’ve been everywhere but home. AZ. dog sitting. Spokane. Vegas. and now back to Spokane today. it’s time for me to point my camera at a wedding! oh la la. a wedding in a vineyardish grove. this is a new adventure and outlet for me and i’m jazzed to kick off this 3-wedding weekends in a row as of today. a lot of love coming these next weeks. i may cry. yesterday, though, was a different celebration. a grand finale from college. man, it seems like yesterday that i was taking my tassle from left to right and cutting the ivy there at SPU. ok, it was last year. but anyway, I met up with 2 recent grads (well, almost grads) yesterday afternoon for a little ‘senior session.’ these two girls are roommates and great friends and were a bunch of fun to shoot with. even kelly’s grandma came along. hey grandma. again, i love working with girls and i’m sorry for another tease…but hey, this is a one hour turn around. i win. enjoy these girls and look for more here next week!





love the  colors? sorta fall-ish but i love it. well, I’m off to SPOKANE….wedding bells are chiming me all the way. as are the new tunes i mixed up. a roadtrip without good CD’s is like going to the grocery store without your reusable bags. 🙂 ok, not even close….bad analogy.  toodles.

HEY SPOKANE! just a note…I’ll be in town for a few days, so just like last time, if anyone is interested in setting up a session – shoot me a word at and we will set things in motion! It’s going to be a beautiful weekend there and I’d love to add a shoot to my schedule!

~ by Andria on June 11, 2010.

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