preview: K.

hello. meet K. I’m not properly introducing you quite yet. not until her full post. she and i met up the other day when it was so fantastic out. the weather has been like a 7th grade girl’s dating life. so back and forth. changing each day. i’ve had enough of it. anyway, i’d already done a shoot that morning at sunrise for lululemon (coming soon!) but i just could not pass up a day like. she and i had been planning a collaboration and it ended up working out perfect to pull together that afternoon. she is fun. and kind of sporty. can’t wait to show the rest BUT for now, enjoy this tease.


what do you think so far? can’t wait to show the rest…..

have a fantastic day.


~ by Andria on June 9, 2010.

3 Responses to “preview: K.”

  1. Looks amazing as always Andria! I love these posts! Your work is amazing!

  2. love her makeup! super fresh.

  3. thanks J and K!!!

    haha…her makeup was so simple…it went like this, apply eyeliner. love the simplicity of it tho. thanks for the feedback!

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