what’s to come

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so i have some good stuff to show, which will be up soon, but i wanted to relish in this lauch here just for one more day. mostly because i wrote a whole entire novel yesterday. one tha tmay have been intimidating to read. so while, I’m letting the nooz get out that my site is up, giving myself a hall pass on another long post (and waiting to post some hot new images) i’m dropping just a fun little post for you here today. tomorrow some newbie sights will be up.  i’ll keep it quick. someone asked me recently where i wanted to go with this. what are my aspirations in photography. all that. i thought about it and you know, i don’t know that i have that answer as of right this moment. and i think that’s ok. i know what i know but i don’t want to forget about goals. dreaming. paroozing the ‘impossible.’ 

funny thing is i have yet to write down – and i love to write – my exact goals. that’s a sin i think. so as part of my quiet time this week, I’m going to dream up some goals. some realistic. some not. and go for both. ok so these are not really the ones i’ll journal, but still. here are some fun things i’d like.

[Gothenburg, Sweden]

I’d like:

to have a huge huge huge closet of props to pick from [instead of them all being in my trunk]

to be married to a photographer. that way we can be a team and work together. i’m accepting applications at Andria@AndriaLindquist.com. [thanks]

to have a MAC desktop the size of a freezer door. [so i don’t have to strain my blue eyes]

to travel internationally “for work” [rough life, but i’ll do it]

to have a personal assistant or “intern”  [haha, and yes, they’ll have to paint my nails]

to be a part of a surprise gift [proposal, something romantic…not for me…but wud be cool]

have too many lenses to choose from

wear my converse everyday of shooting and never have em get dirty

go to a fantastic photography conference & make some fantastic new pals [and maybe meet goal #2]

make someone cry [in a good way]

get a feature in a local mag. [schwing]

have a wicked sweet office/studio [that i get to use my interior designer experience on]

[ and that’s all for now]


[sweden. the land of every color of converse]


because if one thing…i’ve learned that man it’s good to dream. it’s good to plan up ideas and thoughts in your head and see if you can accomplish them. obviously not everyone out there has the interests as i do. but it still all applies. have you physically written down goals that you want to achieve? there has to be something a bit more motivating about seeing written word – the things you want to do – and then looking back 6 months later and seeing what’s been done/not done. i know, that one of the best parts in writing things down is you often look back and don’t even remember that is what you wanted or what you felt at that time. it’s interesting to see how things change. maybe a little challenge for us all this week is to write down 5 goals. things you really want to do. big/small/work/personal. and then i’ll set a reminder and ask in 6 months where we are. k? k.


tomoro there will be a girl with a soccer ball up here.

~ by Andria on June 8, 2010.

5 Responses to “what’s to come”

  1. You should add: Get a feature in a national and or international publication. Nice post.

  2. Add: win a photo contest w/ one of your photo’s….great post, love how you think!

  3. you’ve made me cry..in a good way. check that one off the list. Love you!

  4. ahhh yes an international publication. i’m on it. i know! I meant to include a photo contest…..2 answers coming soon. I’m crossing my fingers for the $1000 winnings!!

    oooh quinny, i did? awww. well thanks i cant believe that, I’ll check it off. i actually made myself cry yesterday (in a good way) so done and done. it’s off the list. 🙂

  5. Love this list! I have a strong feeling you’ll cross everything off the list! 🙂 You just strike me as the type that will achieve anything she puts her mind to!

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