i know. i know. you want to see the site. but please, this is the intro.


today is the day. kind of like my child is born. I’m gonna give it to you straight up, no sarcasm and no bad jokes. her’s the deal. about 7 months ago i came out and said that i was stepping out and pursuing photography as a career with nothing holding back. since then i have been going forward and getting my feet wet in just about every arena you can think of. no fear, doubt or wonder has intered this brain – its faith and its backed up with the reality of how i feel about every inch of what i’m doing. in a short time, I’ve met some amazing people & had some awesome opportunities. they think they’re blessed in the process – but i feel bad, they don’t even know i’m way-far-over-the-top blessed by them. they enable me to be passionate, creative, thirsty, motivated, fulfilled. they enable me to do what i feel like i was created to do.

i’ve been cultivating this relationship, you see. I’m past the infatuation stage and full on into the comitted stage; but just because I’m not in the ooh la la infatuation doesn’t mean i’m any less in love. i can honestly say that with each day, each shoot, each person i meet…i fall more in love. it’s a beautiful marriage. and that’s how it’s supposed to be right? it only gets better with time. i am gleaming with anticipation – i know that i do not really even know what the path ahead holds. it’s fantastic.

i cannot express just how much i appreciate the support, love, encouragement, excitement i’ve received from others along the way. there is no way i deserve this. somehow i rolled along into this, it’s like a beautiful mistake. only i know it’s not a mistake. there are very special people in my life who have only been a source of encouragement. a spring of water feeding this stream. my supporting and trusting parents and family. my mom who is the first to comment on anything that goes up. my awesome sisters and roommates brynn, quinn, erica, sara, KT – who have humored me and looked at so many images sitting there in the livingroom, put up with my constant chitter chatter about what i’m currently excited and working on. they came to my gallery opening, voted for my contest entries, and have only spoke words of praise about this journey i’m on. to the growing and awesome group or readers and supporters who i don’t even know and some i do. i don’t know that i’ll ever get used to having this brought up in conversation, or receiving a note from a total stranger – but i absolutely feel humbled and blessed when i do. thank you for the words you’ve sent & excitement you share. it makes my day and makes me blush.

i would wish that everyone would be able to tap into a passion like this. everyone deserves it. it’s how God desires us to live. living, really living. drinking in a growing and changing appreciation for the process of each day. when reading, i was reminded yesterday…this is not about me and this is not of my doing. let me never think too highly of myself. get too wrapped up in what im doing. This is part of a bigger picture. this is about coming into another’s life, their project, their celebration and being able to give them a gift. an image that holds much more than a high resolution – something that tells a story and holds so much meaning. i shall remain a tool and be willing to bend, grow, change in order to become a stronger person and a better photographer. it’s funny though, you work just as hard, you may be just as passionate, you may be even more fulfilled through the calling you’ve been given – it’s just that what i spend my time on is visual and allows me to share, maybe you have a blog about financial reports. 🙂 thank you for allowing me to share. it’s become a part of my daily routine and i feel a longing to do so. if i ever become boring or self-absorbed, please don’t return. i am but one person and i just feel blessed to be able to have an outlet.


so today is launched. how wierd is it to have my name as a website. it’s strange. this is the finish line, yet not even so. its just the beginning. it’s the reality that this is true and i’m not going back. this has been months and months of shooting, hundreds of hours editing, gluey eyed late night workings, emails, ideas. i’m so grateful to the clients, models, freinds who have been a part of this process. i wouldn’t have images without you. i know this all sounds so dramatic – but really, today feels like a huge step for me. i’ve designed this website myself and hope that it communicates my real personality, and my style in shooting. i will never sound too businessy and i’d rather error on the side of being too real than stiff and boring. it’s simple and clean. it has the necessary information and a slew of images. it will constantly be updated, but not as much as i update this blog. expect a different look for this blog too. i’d LOVE for you to parooze the site. give me your feedback. really, tell me what you think.


check out

tell me your honest opinion. you think it’s me? do you see (god forbid) a mistake? you like the setup? dont? tell me, write a comment here.

I’ve also created a Facebook “fan page” with the same material. I’ll be posting everything to that site now and slowly getting off my personal page. Go HERE and become a ‘fan.’ 🙂

if you care to, follow me on Twitter. I’m addicted and I’d love to follow you too.

and well, that’s it.


I’ve been waiting for this day for a while. so i guess i can say i’m a photographer now, i mean…i have a website. 🙂 this all just goes to show God is one that is far more than we can expect or deserve. i’m trying to trust that and live that every day. today is monday and it may be just another monday to you – but june 7th is a great day for me. is alive!!!!



~ by Andria on June 7, 2010.

5 Responses to “LAUNCHED”

  1. Andria, the site looks AWESOME!!! You did it all yourself?! How?!

    Congrats! And yes, this is totally a huge step– you deserve to be this excited and CELEBRATE!! Yay!

  2. i love the color scheme of your sight! and i love the song 🙂 strawberry swing is perfect!
    great job girl!

  3. Well done Andi! I don’t even know what to say, except that I am SO happy for you! You have worked so hard and I do think that all your hard work will pay off! Your images are beautiful and creative. You really do have a gift and a talent for photography. I’m glad you have found your calling in life and that you are able to bless people with the images that you capture. You are an amazing girl and I am so glad you are still one of my friends. 🙂 Love you girlie! And congrats!

  4. Wow thanks Lauren. what an incredible note to read. i’m so happy that we are friends still as well…i treasure our distant yet very present friendship. thank you so much for your support and kind words as i am at this awesome spot – it means so much to me. thank you love you cant wait to see you soon!

  5. is already in my favorite pages on my Mac.

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