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this is a photo techie blog piece. beware. not that i really consider myself a techie – at all – but I keep getting the same question about my gear in the past few weeks, so i thought i would answer it one full swoop. first off, let me start by saying…everything i have done has been self taught, read, trialed and errored. This is not to pat myself on the back, this is to give you a warning…my camera and my gear has become like the back of my hand, but that doesn’t mean I have all the perfect lingo down of some fantastic photographer. the methods and things i do are because it’s what feels right, not because i was instructed to do so. so don’t expect me to be your professor nor do i aim to sound uber-professional…I am happy to share what I use/like, but i think the only method you will improve by is to go out and just do it. learn your gear. and find the style you like.

Anywho. I did do a short stint on what i use a while back, but I’m extending it. wonderful.

 [CAMERA] let’s start with the main thing.

I shoot with a Canon 5D Mark II. The bigger and better version of the 5D. The body is a good size, she is not a ‘throw in your bag’ camera, but it’s easier to trek with than the 1D. I am excited to try out the HD Video Capabilites here soon on a little project – not that I am venturing out to be a videographer….but still, it’s really an awesome bonus. When people ask what their first DSLR should be, I wouldn’t exactly reccommend this one. It’s the real deal and unless you have some serious dough just hanging out in your back pocket, I’d go with a Rebel instead. I didn’t want to mess around with anything in between, so I just went for the big guy. I LOVE it. If you have shot with Canon before, you will be comfortable with her very quickly. There is not too much different in the settings, layout. You’ll get the hang of it.


[BRAND] I’m not a brand whore,this is my exception.

Just a note that everything – everything – I use is made by Canon. I think that it’s really smart to stay with the same brand all the way through with your equipment. They likely do things the same way on other products and it really cuts down any extra learning time. I am so SO impressed with Canon. I’ll be sticking to her forever. maybe. 🙂

[LENSES] the real money maker

Any photographer will tell you, it’s the glass that makes the difference. Really, you can have a bomb camera body and throw a cheap lens on there and not exaclt wow everyone with the images. *tip* Your lens is like a newborn. treat that little baby with care and keep it clean and safe. The bodies are made to put up with a lot (and so are the lenses) but I’ve already had to pay the price for damaging one of my lenses, because of a fall…on carpet. treat them nicely.

 Canon EF 24-105mm f/4 L IS USM

This is a highly used and praised lens. I got the package that included a lens with my camera body which ended up saving me about $300..I’d recommend doing a pair purchase if you can. It’s an “L-series” lens, watch for the beautiful Red ring on a lens and you’ll know it’s good. The L stands for Luxury according to Canon. The range between 24 to 105 is quite large and you’ll be surprised when this is on your body, holy smokes you can get SO much into the frame. Overall, this is a very good lens. Impressive – at least – just to look at, It takes fantastic quality photos…but I’m actually not even using it that much anymore. I will once weddings roll around (next week) but, as for now…I really like (below)

Canon 50mm – 1.4 USM

Really LOVE this lens. I am now using it almost all of the time. It produces the most beautiful portraits and cuts out a lot of clutter and gets a really up in your face shot, which i love. You cannot *zoom* with this lens, so expect to walk around more with it, although that is really easy to get used to considering all the other fantastic things this guy has. I usually have it stopped down to 1.4 in my portraits and keep it on center or point weighted as far as metering, which gives you a really nice -bam- point that stands out easily. (see below) i could not be happier with this lens…although my next step is a fab 35mm. cant wait for that.

[EDITING] ahhh, the artsy part.

so as of now, I do all my own editing. i know alot of photographers don’t actually do their own – it’s smart really, a part of running a well oiled machine called a business and keeping up with work flow, shooting time, and a sane life. BUT for now, I do my own. Partially because this is the most climax of my whole photo process. yes, i said it. I am too obsessive and particular to be handing this part off just yet, but ask me again this time next year. who knows. The answer is: Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 2 takes the cake in the editing world. I would absolutely recommend this to anyone. Not only are there beautiful presets that make a world of difference, but its so perfectly organized, user-friendly…and yep, aesthetically pleasing. This program alone totally changed my work flow process. you can *sync* a set of images, once you edit one and man-o-man that will save you hours when editing a session. you will NOT regret using this program.


I don’t like it and I never use it, no I’m not even going to talk about it. If you want to know about studio lighting, speedlites, and all that…you’ve got the wrong girl.


This is the one. My fav. If I do say so myself, this is my specialty. I love natural light and anythign you’ve ever seen is done with all natural light, no reflectors (not for long tho) and just timing and patience. I don’t know how to really explain…but a few things I will not 1) my favorite time to shoot is an hour and a half or so before sunset. The sun just glows your skin is softer/warmer/better than sunrise light. 2) I often shoot in *open shade* this really helps ensure there are no wierd shadows on their faces, eyes, etc. Shooting in the late afternoon will give you plenty of options for open shade. 3) move quick. often times that perfect light is there and gone in a second, so don’t mess around. (see below) overall, natual light is probably the hardest to master, just because it always changes – but I think there is no comparison when you do get it right. i will always be a natural light girl.

[DOO-DADS] all the extras

I don’t come in tow wth bags and bags. I know what i like and it all pretty much fits in this fab incase SLR carrier. I know there are some beautiful girly options out there. I saw Promise’s Epiphanie bag when we were shooting with her down in Arizona. Yes, their bags are more fashionable and girly….but I really like how mine slings around my back and i don’t even know it’s there. i don’t want to know i have a bag on when I’m shooting and the incase sling…is the best i’ve had on my back. it’s organized. its waterproof (hello Seattle, that’s a VERY important one) and it’s descreeeet.


this part has nothing to do with trains actually. but i’m pretty much done. i hope that shed a little light from one photographer to another. or maybe from one photographer to an annoyed-lost reader. if you have no interest in all this info, you probably didn’t even make it this far.

one thing i will say: photography in general is a cut throat business. sure, they’re nice, friendly, artsy people…but hey, its a business but in my short time i have seen how people can really be with their info, gear and tips. i say pish posh – it’s likely you’re not gonna be able to do stuff like me because you’re not me. and that’s not bad, we each have our own eye and our own take on shooting. i know the people that have (and still are) helping me are much more pleasant to approach. may it be karma or your belief in “you reap what you sow.” I say help, share, tell. and you’ll be blessed. that’s my take.


That is all for now. I have just the WEEKEND and then AndriaLindquist.com will be live. A real live website. now that will be a juicy post and a juicy reveal. cant wait, see you then!

3 DAYS!!!


~ by Andria on June 4, 2010.

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  1. Thanks for sharing all your secrets. It’s always fun to see what other photographers do. And you’re right, your style is unique and would be hard to copy. Love the InCase sling, I have the same one and it really is the best thing. Thanks again!

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