everything i do has a process. my coffee. how i get ready. oatmeal used to be a real doozy. it’s all best in a set manner. so it shouldn’t be a surprise that there is a process to my photography. one in particular has a fun little process. boudoir. i know there are questions women have with this process and how it all goes down. so i just wanted to throw out some info to feed your curiosity. 


so you want to book. may it be wedding. anniversary. birthday. no reason at all present.

we talk date / location / theming / props. 🙂

shoot day arrives

wake up early. get excited. shave your legs.

cortney (makeup artist) & i show up with gear in tow. and a few snacks.

we hug, chat, plan.

pop into the hair chair and we begin to style. curl. tease.

[sip champagne]

cortney dolls you up. celebrity style.

wardrobe is chosen. (the real fun part)

[take another sip]

shoot. coaching. laughing. sighing. giggling begins. {aka the shoot}

the camera is put to bed.

we *kiss-kiss* and bid adeau

then a week later, something shows up in your inbox and then your mailbox. you grin & so does he.

en finite.


ahh, as i write this bloggy i just got an email about boudoir, it’s a sign. 🙂 I really am looking forward to the summer season and seeing what you girls bring. everyone has been saying, “oh i just need to get in a big better shape.” pish posh that was March, it’s June…time to shine.

the whole thing about a “process” is true except for the whole shoot part. i don’t plan it out. it depends on your personality, the materials we have {or find} and the chemistry in the room. that’s one thing i’m totally fine not having a process for. you’re not a cookie cutter girl and we shall not aim for cookie cutter images.

it is Tuesday. welcome back from a 3-day weekend. and welcome me back from solitary confinement.




~ by Andria on June 1, 2010.

4 Responses to “processed”

  1. I just love your style andi! I can’t wait to a shoot like this in the future with you!

  2. thanks ali. that would be divine. plus would that mean i would be seeing you on the east coast? 🙂 even better. get engaged and we’ll talk. woop woop.

  3. can’t wait 🙂

  4. 🙂 love you!

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