and the light goes on.

lightbulb. i had an idea to share. well, actually its not my idea, it was sent to me, but I’m rollin’ with it. So this week I’m calling reader week. I’ve gotten a slew of emails all of a sudden this week from readers. it’s so fun. people I’ve never met, but come here daily and took the time to send me an email. how nice. all for various reasons: suggestions, an idea, a hello, advice about dogs? 🙂 but one girl, sent on an idea she had seen from a lovely wedding inspired blog called “style me pretty” where an engagement shoot had just been posted, it was referring an event planner who plans/organizes beautiful proposals. with this particular proposal, there is of course a photographer who captured every moment. hello. what a fantastic idea!

so, i’m here to say, i would LOVE to do something like this! It’s, of course, a very particular theme and occasion and would take a very particular man to even think of having a photographer at the engagment. but i know they exist. when i think about weddings and the engagement and all that – i absolutely think that the actual engagement is one of the most important times! I mean, this is the exact moment when your life turns a sharp corner and will change forever. this occasion means so many things. every girl looks forward to this wonderful moment (that better be a surprise!) and I know that when it comes to mine – someday – i would die if my fiance had a photographer there to capture those once in a lifetime moment.

ok, so this is a very girly-lovey-dovey post – so sorry about that guys – but if you are a guy and you read this, take it from a girl: this would be a so special thing you could do for your future fiance. i just LOVED this idea and wanted to throw it out there. if you know of someone maybe possibly getting engaged or your the guy yourself, you may just want to work this into your plan and it’d be of course great if that spot was filled with my name. I’m sure I’d be crying and all emotional at someone else’s engagement, but it would be so terribly fantastic to be a part of this beautiful moment. That’s all. just had to say it. should i set up a fake engagement with a cute couple so i can practice? haha, maybe. but i would love to do this, so if you know someone….send me the info and maybe i’ll show up. girls LOVE surprises and this would just add a whole nother element in the best surprise she’ll ever get.


        ok. that’ it. please enjoy this most beautiful picture i’ve taken of a rockin’ rock.    when you get something like this on your finger, you just cant help but show it.

You can see the “Proposal Planning” post on Style Me

Pretty HERE. Go check it out, it’s lovely.


~ by Andria on May 28, 2010.

2 Responses to “and the light goes on.”

  1. I totally recommend having a photog capturing your actual engagement! I did this when I proposed and we have about 1,200 ways we can relive that moment and that night whenever we want to. Totally worthwhile and awesome. Get after it fellas!

  2. YAY!!! I love that you are doing this!! There is not much I love more than engagements caught on tape. I am right there with you sister, I would die from happiness if my engagement was captured in pictures 🙂

    Also, a little love:

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