hey girlfriend

sneaky secret time. i can usually keep a secret. usually. but I’m allowed to show and tell a little. a few months back i met up with a clothing line owner. he is launching his new line in 2011 and is building up the images for each piece of the line. he brings a very unique aspect to the table. his line is story based. each piece has a real person that inspired and gave reason for its creation. we met up, grabbed a coffee and got to talking. very quickly we realized we had an understanding. I read through each story and was moved. I don’t say that lightly, really, his writing is incredible and I cannot wait to reveal just what I am talking about. his whole brand is about an understanding. when that girl is wearing _________ & _________ you know what she represents and you know why she is wearing it. obviously there are a lot of details i can’t really spell out as of now, but I wanted to give a sneak peek considering they won’t go live until 2011. I will be shooting more of his concepts and stories and happy to relay on a few more peeks at what we are working on.

so. with this shoot. Not one wasted tear. Ultimate Understanding. & Undeserved Grace.


remember when i first showed off Kerry with the “Spring Fling Shoot” you can see HERE. That was my highest trafficked shoot to date and actually just a “test shoot” I did in order to get comfy cozy and see how we worked together. she is so fab and we had so much chemistry shooting, the test wasn’t needed, but I sure am glad we did.

Speaking of that. The CONTEST I entered with Kerry’s shoot is almost wrapped! If you haven’t voted yet….go HERE and vote for my 3 images! Help me win $1000. Well, help me raise my ratings, the judges pick the winner.


~ by Andria on May 27, 2010.

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  1. oh, Andria..this looks really cool! I’m interested in this guy’s line…i love that each garment this designer produces has a meaning…that brings life into fashion! I can’t wait to see more…great job!

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