captured: jesse boy

this is the other half to my spokane shoot. this is jesse. he is 2 and the son of Tania and Simon. his mama and i walked the same halls in high school, shared the same school dress code and her dad was my was my Bible teacher. she ended up booking this session with me as I was driving over the mountains and i was super excted to meet her little boy. as anyone knows, part of the fun in going back where you grew up is the inevitable run-in’s you’ll have with people you used to spend a lot of time with, or just some. i ran into a verrry good old friend while i was killing time (shopping) before this shoot even. i would like to take this time to say i am 97% of the time not that person who sees someone you know and then looks away. i mean there are times when you just don’t have time to stop and chat, but if you make eyes and totally know you know each other, don’t just pretent the crack on the ground is that captivating. it’s not. just say hi.

anyway, this is jesse and I’m happy to be showing you his session. holy smokes this kid has some evergy. i can keep up with the best of em, but this one gave me a run for my money. he was like a thief in the night. i could barely catch him, so i would like to credit that i got any pictures of him besides running away. we created quite the diversion with his adorable hat. it was a fun game and he was so giggly and happy, it was just so cute. especially when he was screaming that i stay laying on the ground. haha. he’s the boss. i LOVE his outfit. i was beside myself with i saw it. his little jeans were so darling and his soes and his hat. ooooh. ok, here you are. enjoy.

 i’m excited to be getting a lot more inquiries all of a sudden from the good ol 509. so i will be coming over to Spokane a little more often that usual. Next time being June 12th weekend for a wedding (and then July 26th for another). If you are intereted in scheduling a session – portrait, engagement, boudoir, children – with me, send me a hello at Buh-by!



~ by Andria on May 25, 2010.

2 Responses to “captured: jesse boy”

  1. andi. you’ve outdone yourself girl. cheers to being the GREATEST photog i know. love you

  2. thanks poopoo. your the best encourager a girl could have.

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