Captured: Jace.

a few weeks ago, mothers day weekend, i got booked last minute for a shoot in my good ol’ home town of Spokane, WA. travel is one of my FAVORITE things about this career and lifestyle. lately, people are so surprised when i say YES about travel inquiries and i am very excited to have a lot of traveling in my schedule these upcoming months. idaho. oregon. eastern washington. utah. maybe florida. ummm seattle. and hopefully more coming down the line. anyway, i packed up my ford and hit the road. another lovely thing happened on my drive over, i announced that i was coming and ended up booking another shoot during my drive over there (to be posted soon). that makes having an iPhone and mobile-everything worth it. right? 🙂 dont worry, i didn’t even draft that email back while i was driving. maybe.

anyway. this is Jace. he is the most adorable little boy ever. his mama has been a family friend of ours since i was a baby and my mom used to babysit her mom. jace is one year old and super duper cute. i met up with him and his parents in one of the most famous (haha famous) spots in Spokane. we met a bit before sunset and got to play around together. it’s totally different when i shoot with kids because i basically just chase them around for 2 hours. i think that my background of having a ginormous family and years of nannying through college has given me plenty of experience jazzin around with kiddos. it’s really fun though, it gives me a good little work out. it’s funny now, because i am being asked to take photos of my friends kids. that’s a reality check that i am getting older. ok, im not old. but my sister definitely had a babe when she was at my age! i’ll get my fill with shoots like these. perfect combo.

here is Jace. he is a total little man and had the best pair of chuck taylors on. again, shoes are the best accessory with the kiddos.





what a little cute. he has the most beautiful color of skin. if i could only be that color when i am at my tannest. this was 1 of 2 from my spokane shoot and I’ll be putting up the other on Monday. He is really cute as well and totally gave me a run for my money. i am in Phoenix and its going to be 101* today. I am going to be on the other side of the camera with the very very talented Promise Tangeman here at 4 p.m. Did i say its the hottest day of the year so far. youza. wish me well. there will be a roof and a couch involved. sounds exciting.

~ by Andria on May 21, 2010.

2 Responses to “Captured: Jace.”

  1. Beautiful Pictures!

  2. Yayyyyy! I love you and I love Prom’s work! This is going to be goooood Andi girl.

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