prance. dance. play.

last up to bat. day 3 with chelsey. i love her frolicking through the grass here. come to find out after i had her running and jumping around in the grass, we saw that a man was also documenting her with his camera just a few steps above us. awkward. hope you got some good ones sir. 🙂 not really much left to say now except i really loved her willingness to let loose and play around on this whole shoot. you never know what it’ll be like with each person you work with. and it’s alway funny, that very first shot. but  like any good athlete, you get all warmed up and then really perform your best. this was the end of our shoot and we felt very comfortable with eachother. when the model/person/couple trusts you and is willing to go with your vision, its simply the best. stuff like this is what i really get excited about. creating something from nothing is an unexplainable feeling. here is the last set.

intense.  love this one.









today is wednesday and i’m headed to the south to see my family in Phoenix! this is our first annual family reunion, get together, vacation down there. when you have 6 kids spread out over AZ and the NW, it takes deliberate planning to spend 5 day together. I’m excited to see them, to spend some hours in the sun, and of course play around with my brothers and sisters AND niece and nephew. wooohooo. happy hump day.


All images are Copyright Andria Lindquist. Seattle, WA. 2010.

Makeup: Andria Lindquist

Hair: Chelsey Westerlund

Styling: AL & CW. A collaboration. 🙂


~ by Andria on May 19, 2010.

2 Responses to “prance. dance. play.”

  1. 5th from the bottom is AAAAMAZING. looks like a twilight shot!

  2. Aaaaamazing Andria, was fun to actually meet someone you have taken shots of… chelsey is a Doll!

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