under the oak tree

here is day 2 of 3 with Chelsey’s shoot at one of my favorite parks in Seattle. a little bit different look and a change of clothing. she was a champ though out there in her little dress at 7pm when it wasn’t exactly warm anymore. no pain, no gain. 🙂 i recently found out that the best parks in Seattle were actually designed by the same man – John Olmsted. the same man who did Central Park in NY. Seattle flew him out, he spent long days in a horse and buggy and trekking round Seattle and found the best spots in our city and then created Greenlake, Volunteer Park, the Arboretum, Discovery, Seward Park, and a ton others. What a cool job right? Thank you John for creating some of the best parts of Seattle. that’s just a little bit of random info for you. otherwise I’ll get right to the imagery. i love this time of evening. the sun is absolutely beautiful and makes for some awesome photos. we found this incredible huge willowy tree and snapped a few there. the whole setting was bomb. i’m pretending its an oak tree although i have no intelligence in the landscaped world.  so here they are. 




 SO something interesting thing happened with this shoot. we packed up shop. headed back to my house. said our goodbyes. and then a few minutes later i get a call from her who very calmly reported to me that she had just totalled her car a block from my house. i rushed down there to find an ambulance, firetruck, police cars and eventually a man getting on to a stretcher!  oh no! turns out the 4 way stop was actually a 2 way stop and she ended up t-boning a car. poor thing. so then we had a few hours to bond together a bit more. man, that is not the type of story i like to be associated with my shoots. sorry chelsey! she did get a new car out of it now. but still, not quite the way to end a fun shoot. hope you enjoyed her session today – tomorrow is the last post! that’s right, i couldn’t fit em all in this ONE post. they are fun and playful and prancing and dancing. have a nice day. toodle-oo.


All images are Copyright Andria Lindquist. Seattle, WA. 2010.

Makeup: Andria Lindquist

Hair: Chelsey Westerlund

Styling: AL & CW. A collaboration. 🙂


~ by Andria on May 18, 2010.

3 Responses to “under the oak tree”

  1. I think we need to keep this park in mind for the engagement shoot in Septemeber. GORGEOUS! : ) You capture some amazing images!

  2. can you ask her where she got every article of her clothing from?! love it all! especially the boots! love your photos!!!! I saw you on the crossroads photo contest and love your work!

  3. Jayme….Great! I think it would be an awesome spot for yours! I LOVE love shooting here. There are so many options!

    Thanks Marianne! Glad you found me on the crossroads contest…that’s awesome! Don’t you love her attire? It’s all pretty much a mix of random stores, boutique, and value village of course. oh, and my closet. 🙂 thanks for saying hi!

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