tall green grass

welcome home. hello hello. i’m back on solid ground and safe and sound in seattle. it’s always good to be home. one reason i LOVE seattle this time of year is the greenery. its lush. its fabulous. you can run around barefoot (not that i am that seattle girl). and you can take your hunny for a picnic. i’m super excited for this change in season, i feel like now i can really say its safe to shoot outside without a coat. i know i’ve said that before. anyway, meet chelsey. she and i met the way i meet a lot of people i end up working with: through someone and then someone who saw something they liked and then they found me. its lovely. it cant be predicted or tracked. we went out in one of my favorite seattle spots and had some fun. i was playing some beat boppin iPhone tunage and we had some laughs. this is really the stuff i love to do. go out with an idea and just see what happens. love it. i have plenty more to show with this gal. a change of scenery and a change of clothes. and a few of my very favorite images i’ve ever taken. stay tuned. she will also be creepin in on my website. that I’m very excited about. so here she is. P.S. i am so excited i finally got to put my suspenders to good use! I bought these for myself a while ago but just haven’t gotten to use em yet. i think she looks good in em. gotta love my value village finds. 



we got a few spots of some seriously awesome sun. i just love how it turned her skin a-glow. it’s fun to keep it simple sometimes, just me and her and out with my camera. I know a lot of photogs roll with big crews but i really do like the times i get to shoot one-on-one. plus then no one will make fun of my sweet mixes on my iPhone. my favorite images of hers will be up tomorrow including a crazy story how a firetruck, police cars, an ambulance and a stretcher made their way into our day together. come back for more.


All images are Copyright Andria Lindquist. Seattle, WA. 2010.

Makeup: Andria Lindquist

Hair: Chelsey Westerlund

Styling: AL & CW. A collaboration. 🙂



~ by Andria on May 17, 2010.

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