voogaloo. I’m off to sin city. vegas that is. although, i don’t plan on doing any sinning – i will be joining forcing with the best girls i know for a 3 day celebration of Miss Quinn Pina’s upcoming nuptials. this is what we americans call a “bachelorette weekend” or the “hen’s weekend” for you swedes. this has been a long time coming and while you may say to yourself….oh geez 8 girls scampering off to Vegas can’t be good. all our dads are sweating bullets, right? no way hosay, it’s funny cuz most everyone boarding the plane is actually married or dating. and no, you won’t be seeing my name in the vegas paper with a new last name. I’m so not ready to be rid of “Lindquist.” we will be good, promise. 🙂 my bags (are not packed). my outfits (are not quite planned). my body (is not ready for no sleep). BUT I AM OFF. this weekend is all about Quinner. we are now entering our last month of having all non-married friends. you better betcha we’re gonna give her a good one. i WILL NOT be bringing my camera. that is way too much of a liability. 🙂 so don’t get your hopes up, im not showing any vegas pictures. remember, what happens in vegas…..

on another note and totally G-rated, I decided I’d throw out a few images from my shoots in Spokane last weekend. i seriously am loving the little kids that have been spending time in front of my camera. they are SO fun and so cute. i just want to squeeze em. I’ll have the full post for you soon, but i wanted to give you a few lookers. enjoy and have a great weekend.

and boy #2.


probably the best thing about kids is their shoes! converse. chuck taylors. man. i am excited to get my little baby their first shoes. that will be fun. doesn’t need to happen for a good half decade, but still. well, you enjoy your weekend. I’m leaving on a jet plane.


~ by Andria on May 14, 2010.

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