hello meagan.

meet my sister meagan. she is 20 (almost 21) and really nice. she has blonde hair, not like her two older sisters. she has perfect teeth and a really funny personality. her middle name is Desyl – after the most special women any of us Lindquist’s have ever known. she was my right hand gal growing up and accomplice to every fort i’ve ever made. i like to call her meggy but she prefers megalicious. haha, not. if you ask a favor of her, she’ll say, “depends what it is.” she knows way too much about Harry Potter and a little too less about Seattle (visit!). I got to spend some time with her over Mothers Day weekend and snapped a few portraits. i love family time but it’s really hard not to whip out my camera, so my family better get used to it. these are simple and honest, just like a portrait should be. meet meagan. meggy. meg. megster. little rabbit.




i have A LOT of family time coming up and so that most likely means they will be showing up here soon! Best part is, It will be accompanied by the ARIZONA sun. That’s right. ONE week from now,I’ll be basking in the smoldering heat. I ALSO would love to do a creative shoot while I’m down there and take advantage of the location/scenery change. I know some Arizonian eyes read this….if you’re interested, email me!


~ by Andria on May 13, 2010.

2 Responses to “hello meagan.”

  1. such Beautiful Eyes!! thats my girl

  2. So pretty!:)

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