Boudoir…Her other half

Time for the other half. i showed off the first set of this little ladies Boudoir shoot here last week and now it’s time for more. i REALLY really am excited to show you one in particular. i read others photographers blogs and i see that many of them only post 4-6 photos per photo shoot they do. this is SO so hard for me to do. but there always is that one. the photo from a session that sticks out and you just love. i have one from hers. who knows, i may have to do start doing the smaller post thing because this is a sooo time consuming and this girls’ gotta stay up on the work too but its just SO hard! It’s like having a good dessert in front of you. why take one bite? it’s like having a great trick on the trampoline. you want to do it repeatedly and show your mom 1748929 times, not just once. well anyway, im just throwing that out there. it doesn’t mean anything, but of course know one thing…I’ll always make time to blog. its one of my biggest addictions. that, and gum. and now cheerios.

anywho. here is her other half. thanks to the PDX–>SEA freeway for taking her up to Seattle. Thanks to the Westin Bellevue for the lovely room service. and for this girl for being willing to share her set with you. not everyone will. please know that, Boudoir is very private and I will always stay on the side of my clients privacy. whether that means i get to show one head shot or her whole set or nothing at all. i’ll just be glad to be a part of it and if i get to share with YOU, it makes it all the more fun. thank you for your comments and messages and for saying you appreciate how i’ve displayed thiese so far. that’s my goal.  ok, scroll along!

This is it. my FAV FAV FAV from her set. holy smokes right?







love it, right? i do. happy marriage girlie. 🙂 I’m excited to be going DOWN to Portland for some Boudoir here soon. Seems like Portland is a nice spot to shoot. She is like my nice nextdoor neighbor. one i like. not like my neighbors now. just kidding! anywho, if you’re a portlander and interested in a shoot, I’d love to come down or book you around the time I’ll already be there – doesn’t have to be Boudoir – send me an email and we can set things in motion!

enjoy the day.


~ by Andria on May 12, 2010.

2 Responses to “Boudoir…Her other half”

  1. Ummm. I love these photos!! THey are sexy, yet classy!!! I’m not engaged, but I want photos like these!!! (do you really have to stick to the rules??)

  2. thanks kathleen….yes, i will be stickin to my rules BUT give me a holler when you are engaged and we can talk details. 🙂 btw, is that going to be soon?

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