captured: tinkerbellerina

happy post mothers day. i got to see many mothers – including one of my own – as well as other family members which was a hoot and not how i expected to spend my weekend even just a few days ago. i have some cutsie tutsie photos to show you today. i really wanted them up yesterday, but Spokane DOES NOT have wifi in every inch of the city so it really cramped my style in the electronic world. you don’t even have to be a mom to enjoy these. meet Aubree. she is 6 months old and so stickin cute. I met her last week – via her auntie, Rachel. She and I went to college together and actually lived on the same floor in the dorms. her mom reminded me that during our first day in the dorms, I walked myself into her room, shook her hand, heard her name, and introduced myself as Rachel. haha. wait, no, I’m Andria. ah college was fun and so was meeting every person in the dorm. anyway, this is aubree. she is so cute.

i rolled up to their house early morning and after chatting away with family members and getting an official tour of their GORGEOUS house, we got to it. This little girl was such a champ, totally loved being in front of the camera and was plenty entertained while 4 of us chirped at her. I’m sorry but have you ever really evaluated what you do/say/talk like when you are in the presence of children and babies? it’s horribly rediculous and embarassing but I’ll continue to talk in those voices and run around like a goof. i LOVE little kids. I like working with kids because they don’t feel embarrassed and are so natural in front of the camera. they booked a 2 hour session and it (like always) went by in a blink of an eye. thank you to the Beck family for having me out and sharing your little tinkerbell with me. i just died when they took out the tutu. seriously, even though I’d rather have boys, its this stuff that is so fun. crazy cute. please scroll along and enjoy this little girl. i know you will.


I’m DYING over this one.



oooh man. i could just look at these all day. little girls. little girls. i really liked that they spiced it up and brought out the tutu and headband. Aubrey is about 6 months, which is a super duper age to shoot. they have personality and  spunk but they don’t really have a chance to run away! that’s all my dears. toodles. tomorrow won’t be this PG, if you know what i mean. 😉 see you then.




~ by Andria on May 11, 2010.

2 Responses to “captured: tinkerbellerina”

  1. Love! you are so amazing! I hope I need my pictures taken before you are too famouse! lol

  2. the tutu IS to die for! i love it 🙂 actually, i think i’m wearing one of those myself this saturday…don’t ask…

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