Surprise Spokane


I gotta talk fast – NOT a strength of mine – but I have a little surprise! I just got booked for a shoot in Spokane this weekend. It was my last weekend available for a bit to travel, because I am going to be doing some traveling of my own {cheers} and so this was my only time to go. That also is a beautiful happening because hello it’s Mothers Day! Now I can see my family and my mama and sisters. Just one of the perks of this gig. 🙂 Love it. Just go in the moment.

My name is Andria and I LOVE surprises. BIG. small. whatever. I planned on keeping it a secret so i could walk in my mom’s salon and say hello but since I’ve been getting Spokane inquiries I wanted to open up the opportunity to shoot with a spokanite. I have one portrait session available and if you have an incling for a shoot and have been liking my work, then hit me up. The bonus for this is, there won’t be any travel fees. I’m already there. SO. I gotta go pack. one thing i AM good at.

If you are in Spokane and want to book a shoot, email me at and we can set things in motion. I’m so excited to be coming over the mountains for a shoot and even happier I get to see my family! Cheers all around. Toodle-ooo.


As you know, its Friday. So how about a teaser? Here are a few images from a recent shoot. I mean, come on, can this baby be ANY cuter?

That is all for today. I’ll be showing this girlies full shoot here soon. See you in SPOKANE!


~ by Andria on May 7, 2010.

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