boudoir blondie

we’re back for day two of the Boudoir shoot I did over at the Westin Bellevue. this other gal, we shall call her the blondie. ūüôā She is on her way to being a married woman and will be giving this as a wedding gift. way better than a pottery barn gift card, i’d say. she came on up from Portland for this shoot and was the other half of the 2 i got to work with. it’s really fun to incorporate personal aspects from your relationship into these shoots….for example, she brought up some running gear since her soon to be hubby is a great runner. medals, jersey and shoes and all. i really liked incorporating that into her shoot. really fun. the girls ordered up champagne, pizza and of course started off with some Starbucks.

This post gives me the opportunity to tell you about a different aspect i will be offering within this here Boudoir realm. How about a girls day in? Sounds fun right?¬†so this is a great option for the girl that has a group of gals that want to have their own Boudoir shoot but either don’t want to invest in a whole shoot all to themselves or they want to make a fun girlie day together. get their hair and make up done and be pampered all day with just a bit shorter time in front of the cameraplus who doesn’t love sippin on some champagne with their best girlfriends in lingerie. haha. hello. so anyway, just wanted to throw that tid bit out there for ya. doesn’t have be 7 girls, it can just be 2. we can meet at a home or a hotel suite like this one.

take a little looksie at this boudoir blondie.

oooh the balcony. love it.






this is 1/2. yep. I’ll be¬†giving you the other half soon. man o man and that set will have my all-time favorite picture ever. from boudoir¬†at least. its so so¬†bomb. just wait. anyway hope your¬†wednesday hump day is moving along just dandilly.



~ by Andria on May 5, 2010.

3 Responses to “boudoir blondie”

  1. the way you used your lighting in these photos is perect for what you captured!! so great Andi

  2. My mom and I are regular stalkers of your site. I really appreciate the way you approach the concept of boudoir and sexy in a respective and wholesome light. I absolutely love your photos! The lighting and colors in these are so warm and beautiful, way to capture the beauty!

  3. […] Time for the other half. i showed off the first set of this little ladies Boudoir shoot here last week and now it’s time for more. i REALLY really am excited to show you one in […]

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