and a look

so i wanted to have a whole post ready and rarin’ to go today but i was working so hard on my website last night….this post just didn’t happen. that’s a good trade right? so i thought i’d give you a peice and a look into what is to come. who doesn’t love a good tease on an early tuesday morning right? 🙂 right. i hope your all warm and cozied up considering spring has run off to the south. she will come back, I’m sure….but actually i wont even be caring soon cuz I’ll be doing some traveling south of my own. I’ll meet that warm weather there and bring it back to us here in Seattle. enjoy your day and enjoy this look i’m giving.


~ by Andria on May 4, 2010.

2 Responses to “and a look”

  1. hello abs. if i ever did a boudoir with you, can you photoshop the hell out of my abs?

  2. haha, love it. ya she has killer abs and NO i did not even touch hers. all-naturale baby. and YES, I can give you a killer 6 pack. 🙂

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