Boudoir: Whitney

i have a little something to show you today. her name is whitney and she’s one of my Boudoir girls. She is a newly wedded woman and was so much fun to work with. this shoot was different than any other one I’ve done because there was TWO girls that i was shooting. I’ll show that second girl here soon – she came on up from Portland for the shoot and got to hang with an old friend and make 2 new friends. i know that from an outsider looking in you probably wonder what the heck it’s like to be in that room. is it comfortable. is it wierd for the girl. well just let me tell you its not wierd at all. considering it’s all women in the first place and you basically get to play dress up. girls have been doing that since they were 4.

 Cortney and I walked into the Westin early morning Saturday and after some hugs and hellos got right to work. hair and makeup was done, outfits were laid out, jewelry was selected. doesn’t it just sound like a fun time? 🙂 well it is and I’m letting you into the room. each woman has a different reason for doing a shoot like this. I love the variety. in a marriage. as a gift going into a marriage. an anniversary. any reason really. whit is here. she is newly married and ready to get all glammed up for her hubby. i hope you like what i’m showing.






and there she is. so regal i think. if you like what you see and would like to see more, then hey, we may just have a deal. i have much more to show. a whole nother girl. come on back and see for yourself. tomorrow. tomorrow.

P.S. If you’re thinking/wondering/contemplating doing a boudoir shoot yourself, I hope these images helped you to see just how beautiful the process is. I have about 2 spots left for the month of May and the same for June so this is me encouraging you to go for it! Email me at OR why don’t you read what a husband has to say about this stuff. Whatya know, Whitney’s husband wrote a little Boudoir blog himself….check it out HERE.


~ by Andria on May 3, 2010.

12 Responses to “Boudoir: Whitney”

  1. her makeup looks incredible and you captured her beautifully…she looks so elegant!!

  2. Can’t. Wait. To. Go. Home. Great work A! Capturing the beauty of my beauty!

  3. thank you both! Matt, I hope you saw the addition I made with the link to YOUR blog post on Boudoir!!!

  4. Yaya!! Thanks a ton! People helping people. Gotta love it.

  5. um, i love you and this is incredible. you keep getting better. LOVE the mariners pics (:

  6. you bet matt! thanks for loaning out your wifey for a day! 🙂

    thanks KT. 🙂 where’s the alias?

  7. she is SO pretty!!!

  8. ANDRIA! These are seriously amazing! Every shoot gets better and better and better. Holy moly! I am in love with the hair, makeup, all the poses, the outfits, the lighting.. .perfect, perfect, perfect! Congrats on such an amazing job! 🙂

  9. I have the most gorgeous friends ever!!! You captured her perfectly, Andria! xo.

  10. Can I wear a sombrero when you shoot me? I think it would be fitting

  11. Liz…..THANK YOU. All I can say is wait for your shoot and you’ll be even more pumped. CANT wait!!!

    Katie….yes, I agree, your friends are bomb and i LOVED shooting w them.

    “Carlos” you can wear whatever you want! Just a sombrero, a bag of chips. its up to you.

  12. Mmmm chips. That’s a great idea.

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