time to VOTE. contesteesta!

when it was election time, i got pretty passionate about voting. voting is your right and if you have the opportunity i always will think you should make an educated vote. and it helps if you vote my way….but hey, lets stick to the point of this post. i helped out on a shoot a few weeks ago, i was the assistant. held the reflector and helped the model. Julie Harmsen was the photographer and we were out there to get her some material for a contest she was entering and you can see the stuff she got that day  HERE. well, fast forward a few weeks and turns out i ended up with some fashionable images of my own. The Spring Fling shoot. I ended up being head over heels in love with those images and so i thought to myself, “hey i need to enter!” I’m not one to “copy” another photographer, but this is a national contest and i just had to put my two sense in. Well, three actually.

So this is where YOU come in. I’ve entered the Crossroads Photo Contest which is to “show the most current, attractive presentation of fashionable clothing. Photographs will also be evaluated on the basis of originality, creativity, composition and overall quality.”  The top prize is $1000 along with a campaign publication in a CTC ad. There are 2nd and 3rd prizes as well, but I’m shooting for number one – so lets stick to that as the goal. If you’d be so kind to go here to cast your vote for me. Now, the CTC judges actually choose the final winner, but you can help raise my ratings! woohoo. the last time i asked for a vote was when i ran for the “Social Chair” in highschool (and won.) so this is kind of the same, kinda. If you like the following photos and feel like helping me win $1000 – vote! You can also just go to the gallery to see who I’m up against. The hundreds I’m competing against.  Make an educated vote though, as long as its one of the 3 i entered.

I’ll let you know – of course – if I win. And if I do, I’ll buy you all ice cream with that 1K. or just me some and then some new camera gear.  but I’d REALLY appreciate it. Toodle-oo0.

Ok, last one VOTE HERE!   


which one is gonna be the winner?!?!?


~ by Andria on April 29, 2010.

8 Responses to “time to VOTE. contesteesta!”

  1. I gave them all 5 stars!!

  2. I can’t wait until you “shoot” me. Can I use that saddle bag too??????????

  3. voted!!!

  4. Thanks Q!!! I give YOU 5 stars too. BTW.

    No, “Carlos” you do not get the privilege to touch my saddle back. its a vintage leather backpack. get over it. but i am excited to “shoot you too.”

    Thanks Katie! Thanks for the vote! wooohoo

  5. Okay did you SEE the other ones? You have got this in the bag, i gave them all fives as well!

  6. haha thanks Brittany! There ARE some good ones, but also some not so worthy ones. Let’s hope the judges feel the same!

  7. Saddle Saddle Saddle

  8. I just voted for all of yours- they are rates so highly!! Great job, Andi! My true favorite is the one with the books on her head. Some of those entries I was either wondering what the photographer was thinking or just realizing that they were way out of their league. You are in there with the best of them!

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