DList Editorial.

Ok, I wrote this a while ago but I didn’t have the magazine in hand. i finally got my hands on one thanks to my lovely roommate and now can share the images i planned on showing a few weeks ago.


April came, but you wouldn’t know it. It’s cold, rainy and totally not the flowerly month i was hoping for. Maybe that’s why I totally forgot APRIL was the month the editorial I assisted on was going to print. Remember this post I did a while back on the behind the scenes DList Magazine shoot i got to work on with Kyle Goldie? Well I’m very happy to share the front of the scenes photos. They are a lot more exciting than make up application and all the info i leaked to you before. Ok, this is not my shoot. I was not pressing the shutter and I did not spend hours on the editing. duh. only the man names KG can claim that. regardless of that, i was so excited to see it in print. it is such a cool feeling to be a part of a project and then see the completed material in a magazine. to remember being on set, adjusting the lighting, holding umbrellas, fixing hair, brainstorming shots and location is obviously a great memory. learning/watching kyle shoot in a format I typically do not was a really awesome expereince. and seeing my name under his on the opening page is a bit fun too. except for the fact they spelled my name wrong! come on, really!?!? dang. maybe they will make an ammendment in the May issue. haha probably not.  if you don’t happen to snag the mag this month….here is the spread.





so anyway thats the down low for today. if you have a chance to pick up the magazine this month, do it. Flip on over to the spread and you’ll see the Louis Vitton wardrobe (amond a few others)  in beautiful print. And if you haven’t taken the time check out Kyle’s work – do it! 


~ by Andria on April 27, 2010.

4 Responses to “DList Editorial.”

  1. Wow that’s awesome..Good thing you have such a great roommate who picked that up for you. She must be really great.

    Good Job!

  2. Put it this way… I completely believed these were your shots. That should tell ya something. –Micah

  3. I’m sitting here getting my daily dose of Andi fame and I’m like, “Who’s Carlos? Perhaps a celeb? Admirer?” Then I read the comment and it’s clearly pointing to Sebby.

  4. No Carlos is definitely an up and coming celeb. I should know. I’m the one that discovered that talent.

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