captured: extra curricular activities.

Time for part 2 of the SPRING FLING shoot. Not too much to say except this set of photos represents 2 things: ONE) SPRING FLING promo – 16% off any photo package, FREE slideshow CD of 50 favorite images from your set, plus all the regular package details I already offer. Good for: couples, kids, a newborn babe, a confident individual. You name it. More details here. I have a very important reason for wanting to go to Spokane (which I will explain, if I get to go), all I need is an excuse, so if you’re a Spokane reader and been wanting a shoot….you might be my perfect excuse for coming over the mountains. . TWO) taking the time for personal projects. It’s obviously awesome to be hired and to share those images with you, but I will always make time for the projects that float around into my head. Some part of me does not feel right if I don’t do something I want to do at least once a week or so. This is something I love so much and truly being in charge and seeing a concept coming to life is so invigorating.

I thought up this concept a while ago. Sometimes it’s easier to find props and then form a shoot around that. The second I saw this sweet leather backpack, old French Revolution Romance books and a Polaroid camera….I just knew I had to incorporate them together. Not to mention working with such a great model, like Kerry. This girl is fierce. It’s not even fair, the whole shoot seemed effortless. We meshed like PB & J and it just went along like clockwork. She moved so well in front of the camera and gave me so much to work with. I could have been there for hours. Oh wait. I could have been there all night. There is also one other very important aspect to this shoot. Can you guess? Just look at her. Her face. I don’t want to give it away, cuz I have a whole post coming down the line – all devoted to that very answer. It’s a fun one too and has some really sick images to pair it. It’s days like this and material like this that keep photography just so uber-obsessive for me. I can’t get enough. Please enjoy my sweet little spring girl. Sitting outside of her school, looking just as beautiful as she can.

possibly my FAVORITE photo from the set. love it.

my ABSOLUTE favorite

 seriously. so fierce.





Ahhh love her. What do you think? Any favorites? I’m always looking for fun fresh faces who are interested in modeling. If you have an interest in modeling in a concept shoot with me sometime, feel free to leave a comment here or shoot me an email with a photo. Could be a great beginning. I’ll leave it at that for today. Don’t worry, I have ONE more day of posting from this shoot. Yipeee.


All images are Copyright Andria Lindquist 2010. Seattle, WA

Model: Kerry Rowe

Makeup: Cortney Weedman

Hair: Andria Lindquist

Stylist: Kerry Rowe


~ by Andria on April 21, 2010.

6 Responses to “captured: extra curricular activities.”

  1. WOW! Stunning!

    Not only is your model incredibly photogenic, but you did such a fantastic job photographing her!

    Always a pleasure seeing your work.

  2. can i be your assistant if i move home?

  3. Where are the saddle pics?

  4. Andria, love love your work! hope to see you here in sweden soon again or over at your place.

  5. If you ever move to CA you’re hired! If I can afford you 🙂 GREAT WORK!!

  6. […] glowing. We are both stoked to be working together. She had her artistry debut last week with the Spring Fling shoot. The highest trafficked thing I’ve ever done and I think her presence in that made a big […]

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