the best time of the year is upon us. summer is awesome but spring really gets people going. there is so much excitement, eagerness to spend time outside and get a slurpie in hand. You know it’s spring when guys at Golden Gardens are playing volleyball shirtless and girls are forcing themselves to lay out in their suits. goosebumps and all, in the 67* weather, but i love their excitement. its spring and the fun has begun. beyond the fact that I’m wearing a skirt today without tights and without boots – i have other news. i wanted to offer up a SPRING inspired deal to get people out in the sun with a camera in front of their face, making memories. You see, now that its warmer, I can shoot in flats – not boots. I can wear a dress – not 3 layers. Have my hands free of gloves and pockets free of tissues. That alone deserves a cheers.

So here’s the dealio. I’m offering a “Spring Fling” deal to be booked from now until through the end of May and used by the month of June. I have a handful of weekends that are not booked  from now until then, but the beautiful thing about this weather means we can shoot until 7, so weekdays are open now too! You will get 16% (get it, spring and 16 kinda rhyme) off any photo session with me and a Bonus slideshow put to music of the best 50 images from your set.  I may not be the best with music identification, but I can put together a mean slideshow on a disc. It makes for a great gift and a MUCH better way to reveal your session. You will still, of course, receive all the other package inclusions (web album, collage, etc) but these are the BONUS inclusions stemming for my love of spring time.

So who do I think would be good for a SPRING FLING session? Easy. Anyone who wants to be outdoors and enjoying the sun. Really, I mean it. You and your hunny. Your two little girls frolicking in the field, a solo sesh with a fun theme, a family that wants something to replace the Sears frames on their mantel. Also, I’ve received quite the set of inquiries about Senior pictures. Hello. This would be so fun. Whether it’s highschool or the lovely college down the street – I think it would be so fun to get some totally not senior picture posey images for your BIG celebration. The picture on this here blog (upper right hand side) was MY senior picture from college. It’s a fun thing to do. So those are the details. I’m up for any ideas, you know I’m up for any theme. All you’s gottsa do is ask.

I’ve been cooking up some fun spring images for you to look through. she’s fun. she’s fresh. it reminds me of the anticipation a girl has to spring break, for summer time. For the chance to start wearing skirts to school. to get a tan. to eat lunch on the grass. here she is, the poster child for the SPRING FLING promo. I love these images. I hope you do to.




some serious favorites



If you’re interested in booking a SPRING FLING session with me – feel free to shoot me an email at [ AndriaLindquist@gmail.com ] with SPRING FLING in the headline and we’ll get things in motion. It’s warm. Seattle is coming alive. Love is in the air. It’s a perfect time for some photos.

I’m so in love with her look. This set represents something that is so important to me as a photographer: to do personal projects and take the chance at trying something new. To have a vision and see it come to life. It’s the best feeling. What is that new thing? Well, you may just have to come on back again to hear what other news I have to share. images to pair of course. PS – this is only 1/3 her shoot. I’ll be showing off the rest here shortly.


All images are Copyright to Andria Lindquist. 2010. Seattle, WA.

Model: Kerry Rowe

Makeup: Cortney Weedman

Hair: Andria Lindquist

Styling: Kerry Rowe


~ by Andria on April 20, 2010.

2 Responses to “SPRING FLING”

  1. my favorite shoot ever!

  2. Wishing every day was 4/20

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