It’s: beautiful. honest. sexy. regal. timeless. uplifting.

anticipatory. unifying. intimate. lovely.

What is, you may ask. Boudoir. Pronounced like “Boou-dwah” and it’s just the thing I’ve been so anxious to talk about. Now, there are some thoughts that I must share as a pre-cursor to me ever moving forward in this, sharing images and telling stories of women up on my blog. I want you to understand my heart and my thoughts – I take this really seriously. I am seriously in love with this type of photography. and I seriously cannot wait to show what I’ve been working on… *FAIR WARNING* this is a long post. so don’t blame me, I warned you, read on if you so choose.


I have been on a wonderful path with this love obsession of mine. All along, I have been asking myself, Who do I want my client to be?” ”What type of images do I want to be known for?” “How do I classify myself as a photographer?” It’s been a challenging yet totally inspiring and encouraging process. Those I admire, know their talents and strengths and don’t try to take on the world (in a sense) – they choose a select few things to specialize in and build their reputation around that. I’ve done a lot of thinking and experimenting and really thought through this question: “What type of photography makes me feel moved, makes me glow, makes me connected and fulfilled?” I’m inching towards that answer and this post is a huge part of my answer.

I know one thing. I love LOVE love blessing others in allowing them to see their true beauty, their personality in an image. That, I know. But I want to narrow that down. I feel a strong connection to women. To real women. To women who have a story to tell. I also have such a yearning to create unique art in an image. To produce material that you haven’t seen before and something that truly catches your eye. I feel alive and encouraged when I am allowed into someone’s life and to have the responsibility to capture their beauty. All this, points to one thing.

I am so thrilled to say that I feel all those things have led me to an undeniable answer. Boudoir photography is a beautiful outlet and opportunity to combine the passions of mine. I’d love my name to be passed around between you and your girlfriends. To be associated with an experience not just a photo. I released a few images a couple weeks back and my inbox soon was flooded with “boudoir…..” in the title. I was overwhelmed with the amount of interest I received within a few short days and quickly realized (I need to figure out how to handle MASS emails) &….there is definitely a market and a need for this. I’m already booking into summer, traveling to several cities and have 2 shoots to do tomorrow! From that initial moment, things have only continued to unfold in a way that I cannot deny as part of the plan. It’s so exciting to see them unfold.


So, with that – some hesitations. Coming from a pretty strict conservative home and network, I initially battled with the appropriateness of this niche. Is it ok for me to do? Is it ok for me to talk about and better yet, show? As a Christian artist, am I crossing a boundary I should not? That is why it’ so important for me to share my heart. I think that – within the constraints of marriage and engagement – this is absolutely appropriate. Not only that, but healthy, fun, and empowering for a woman and for a marriage. I with I could explain the feeling and the joy I get in being a part of this type of work. To allow a woman to have pride in herself, to see herself through her husband eyes and to be pampered in a photo shoot for a day. It’s unreal.  Every part of the process is amazing and leaves me waiting for my next opportunity.

Now listen, I realize some may judge me, or think I am crossing lines in sharing images with you. Trust me, I battled through this. I understand how intimate and private these images are; but I also want to assure that I only share images that are ok’d with each couple. If I were to never share these images, how would I ever be known for this niche? How would women inspire and give other women the courage to do this? exactly. As a photographer, sharing images is the sole way I connect with the public. Talking (although fun) just does not do it. I want to be respectful, yet inspire others to be a part of this experience. I shoot this in an artistic way and would ask that you look at these images as art. If you think otherwise, its easy…don’t browse the screen. Move along.

One thing I never want to control and keep me from growing as an artist, is worrying what other people will think. That goes for so many aspects in what I’m doing. I want to remain true to myself and what I feel called to do. I’m continually growing and learning and am so blessed to have support and encouragement as I do and I stay the course and surround myself with motivated and visionary people. I believe I’m on this path for a reason and I will not be afraid to seek out the depth of what is ahead.


A lot of people may think Boudoir only includes things that’d make your grandmother blush. Well, that’s nice for you and I’m sure you’ve seen some photographers who lean that way. Let me be clear about one thing: this is about the unique beauty each woman has. This is about a fun gift inside a marriage. This is just as much about her as it is him. This is art. I’m all about themes and ideas but also know the honesty is a killer headshot. This is not for everyone….i know that. I will never try to convince someone this is for them. I think there will be plenty of women who want to be a part of this, but I would encourage you to consider it. Its just you. me. and then him. a pretty safe environment and i take pride in making you feel relaxed, making you laugh and helping you to feel comfortable and beautiful with me.

I will be releasing more information and package options here soon, but if want to be a part of this: If you want to buy a session for your sister who is getting married. If you want to book a “girls night in” session and all join in on the fun. If you want to give this as an anniversary gift or a wedding surprise….send me an email at and we will start the process. Share your ideas and your excitement.

All I can say is that this is a beautiful beginning. One I know I was meant to come across and take on. One that leaves me totally jazzed and wanting to stay up all night to work on. These shoots are about an experience. About honesty. Champagne. Fun. Flirtation. Having your hair and makeup done. Laughs. Giving a Surprise to someone you love. It’s about you and seeing yourself the way you should.  It’s not an in and out – rushed process, you should reserve at least half of your day and be prepared to let loose and have fun.

 Come on back early next week to see the full reveal from “S’s” shoot. Toodle-oooo.

Here’s a little something I created to headline the package information. What I’ve been sending out to my clients. Sums it all up.



as always..I’m love to hear your thoughts. are you on board? excited? feel like you just dont know what to think? have you seen this done before and loved it? tell me.


~ by Andria on April 16, 2010.

8 Responses to “Boou-Dwah.”

  1. Great AD!!!!

  2. i love you. i love what you are called to do. i am so proud of you. and i support this 150% darling andi.

    call you this weekend.

  3. I Love it Andi!! I can’t wait until I’m married just so I can book a shoot with you!! 🙂 Love you darling! Keep it up! You have a real gift.

  4. i love this 🙂

  5. If I were in Seattle I totally would!!


  6. I’m coming to Portland already…..well look at that!

  7. Beautiful! Gorgeous! Classic! I love this idea Andi, you are truly amazing at what you do. I am so proud of your work, I am never failed to be amazed when I look at your work.

    Love you & keep up the to-die-for work missy 🙂

  8. […] I hope that if you are here than you have taken the time to read what my mind said about Boudoir here. I will always emphasis that both the people I work with and the viewers truly understand where […]

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