spring ahead.

obviously the spring season is upon us but hello its been like mid-january for too long and I’m waiting for some real spring weather to come along already. these short glimpses of happiness keep popping up and then dissappearing. its like that bash-the-mole game: just when you think you have it, its gone. well, I marked off a first the other day. “see the cherry blossoms at UW.” I didnt go to UW and actually have never been on campus in my 5 years in Seattle so it was about time. we took some trader joes morsels and my good ol’ 5D and it was a date. there were SO many people with Canons. it was like a canon ad. they were everywhere. it was perfect for it. i love how Seattle comes alive when a nice day comes out to play, we all turn into eco outdoorsy lovers. i’m patiently awaiting the full-on burst into real spring and summer but until then I will keep enjoying the spurts of good weather. here, enjoy some cherry blossoms. there were no actual cherries. what the heck. why is mother nature false advertising.

BONUS!!!. ok, so i know i’ve been a little quiet on the blog this week. i dont want to force words out when they’re not there. well, my words are always there but my hands and thoughts have been on some reallllly exciting other things this week. I have some superb things to be sharing with you. i have been so thrilled with a few opportunities that have come up. i will be sharing all the news soon. i just am all bundled up with so much to share and beautiful images i just have to share one or two with you. this is a spring shoot i just did and feel pretty safe to say that this may be one of my best shoots i’ve ever done. much more to come. please stay tuned. these images include TWO new bits of info I’ll be revealing soon. any guesses?


does that wet your appetite or what? I cant wait to show the full thing to you and what this shoot represents. until then.  

~ by Andria on April 15, 2010.

One Response to “spring ahead.”

  1. so great!! Love her style!

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