oh hey oh holler

hello. recently someone told me my contact information is a little too hidden. that it just isn’t quite as obvious that i can be emailed or called to be booked and that it’ ok. That I’m not just doing this for fun or for people that already know me. I do know that a sentence so often repeatedly written to me is, “I know this is probably really creepy, but I’ve been following your blog and I was wondering…..” If i only had a nickel how many times people have written that to me. or how bout a twenty. i really don’t undertand this. why would i think it was creepy? i think its great. and its a big compliment that you keep coming back and take the time to read/see what i’ve been up to. hopefully it will be crystal clear that this is a business once my website goes up. no, i’m not just doing this for fun. although it is so fun. in any case, i wanted to come out and say – yes – I’m available for bookings. If you don’t know me but like my style and have some sort of need for a photographer – I’d love to be your gal. if you and your hunny want some photos. let me know. if you just had a little babe, give me a holler. if you have a fun idea and just want some individual photos, just because. I’m all over it. If you want package and pricing info. just send an email my way or call. or leave a comment here and I find your email. I’ve included my contact info below, so it’s a bit easier to find for anyone that has been wondering. that is all for today. thank for stopping by and if you ever do feel inclined to do so, drop me a comment, I’d love to hear from you. i promise i don’t bite and I actually would love to hear from you. don’t remain anonymous.


~ by Andria on April 13, 2010.

One Response to “oh hey oh holler”

  1. Thank you again for your outstanding work with the 2010 Art Institute of Seattle Fashion Show! I would recommend your work to anyone, and hope to work with you again soon…:)

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