captured: hill hill hillery.

ever meet up with an old friend? like an old friend from high school or your elementary neighborhood? it’s kind of an odd-fun combo. what. do you talk about your 4th grade  teacher, old fort blueprints and summer evenings spent chasing the ice cream man down the street once you finally get a few quarters out of your moms purse (or was it me that was always too slow for the ice cream man?) anyway meeting up from people from a long time ago is fun. and interesting. and could be awkward. but i met up with an old friend the other day and it was just great! we had a lot of laughs together and really enjoyed catching each other up on our respective lives.  it was actually my old friends older sister. you see, I was great pals with – emily – her little sister in Junior High and highschool so i always say Hillery when i was over at Emily’s. Like in the hot tub. or watching scary movies. or driving up her driveway in my rusty old 1976 Ford pickup. fast forward to 2010: she is living in Denver & I call Seattle home.

Hillery flew up to Seattle for just a few days and scheduled a shoot with me around some other of her plans up in the NW. she came on over to my house with her pal Jaime (or Jamie) and we got to work. Hair. Makeup. Attire. and set out to shoot – all the while i was crossing my fingers that Mother Nature would be in a happy flowery mood – but instead about half way through our shoot that moody lady sent pouring rain and dark clouds down and we were forced to retreat. quick on my feet and with the impending tick tock of the clock on my mind we went over to the Four Seasons.  you see, Hillery had a wedding to get to – in Woodinville – and it was at 6. we arrived at the 4Seasons at 5 and had to work quick. which we did anyway considering we got kicked out. man these places are such sticklers for obeying rules. you cant shoo t there without permission. come on. we’re not hurting anyone.

there was a purpose behind this session. not just cuz she is a pretty person. she just finished her schooling. 9 years and a lot of mouths and now hillery is all done with dental school. now. dental school does not sounds that exciting to me – BUT – i cannot deny the excitement and glow this gal gets when talking about it. really. i can just tell, she gets so much joy and fulfillment through her career. it’s inspiring to hear people talk about their profession with so much excitement. thats how it should be. she is also just at an empowering and fun time in her life and with all that combined – it was a perfect time to capture her at this point in time. we went out to get some head shots – kind of like a fun senior portrait session. haha. anyway, aside from the fact the weather was iffy and we didn’t exactly stick to a timeline….we had a blast. she was so comfortable in front of the camera and full of laughs and fun. bonus. anyway. thats all i have to say. check her out.

from one big mouthed smiley girl to another….i LOVE your smile hillery. love it.

 can you see how happy she is? I think it just exudes from her photos. is that a requirement for dental school? like part of the acceptance criteria? it makes sense though. i mean, I wouldn’t trust an accountant with horrible personal finance. a mechanic that was late because his car broke down. that’s good newd to my sister who is awaiting her acceptance into dental school – she has a fab smile and literally flosses 4 times a day. anyway, this is hillery. I’m so happy to have had the opportunity to meet up. catch up. and capture her joy at this point in her life.


~ by Andria on April 12, 2010.

One Response to “captured: hill hill hillery.”

  1. Beautiful Women!!! caught on camera by a beautiful women!!

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