hey DJ

hello my musically inclined friends. you know who you are. you know, those who actually know the artist upon the first chord of a song. I give myself a hearty 54 seconds before i take a gander at it. you know who you are. you somehow have an internal clock with every musical guest that arrives into our pretty little town and have those connections that allows you to buy the pre-sale tickets. I only go to concerts when its 1) a roommates idea 2) totally organized by a roommate 3) a band that everyone in the world knows about. none of that underground pre-radio stuff. you know who you are. you’re the one who knows all the words to the song no matter what station we listen to in the car. Just because I know every word to ever Queen song ever made does not qualify me into that category. it just means i took a lot of ski trips with a lot of Queen blasting up the mountain. SO. it is you i need. I am calling upon you.

As you may know – or may not, which is fine I’m getting all ready to launch (YES…LAUNCH!) my website and while its SUPER fun writing all this info about myself, my photography style, pricing, gathering up the images i think say Andria Lindquist all over them in preparation to make my website a super duper winner – I have a problem. I have NO idea what song to use on my website. you know, one that just has me written all over it. I have been searching the 438 song database of my iTunes library and i have come up short. i need help. somebody! anybody! so what I’m asking is that you – yes YOU – help me out. this is also a challenge for those who read this bloggster daily and have the fear of commenting…i think the scientific term is typonogrophia. here’s the scheme. it’s your time to shine.

I’m looking for a fun, upbeat song. possibly written/sang by a female artist (considering I AM a female artist) but it doesnt have to be female i guess. im not discimating again the male singers out there. I want something light and free and something that makes you happy. no slasher music please. I want something that is NOT already #1 on the Billboard charts. so if you were just about to suggest Brittney Spears’ “Slave 4 you” – ummm, you can bypass your suggestion. I want something that makes you want to actually listen to the whole song and not fall asleep. sorry enya. something that is not all about breakups. but maybe about life, love, happiness, butterflies. no country.

so that is all. thats all i want from you. maybe the person who wins will get a wicked prize!? maybe. or maybe this can be your good deed for the day. if you have some music talent or just a huge selection of tunes in your library, I’d be forever grateful if you’d sahre it. whatever song i choose, I will post the video and name up here with your name as a really cool shout out. haha. i know that would be like really cool. right? so rub your hands together and help a sister out. wont you? and if you have a few suggestions, wow, i may just fall off my seat! it can even be a good artist suggestion and i’ll look thru their songs. there is no dumb suggestion – unless it doesn’t meet my criteria posted above. duh. but really, I need your help. throw me a lifelife. because WE ALL KNOW just as much as the image sets the tone for the site – the music keeps your toe-a-tappin while you browse my stuff.


and if you need a little help.

a few people i like and think would be fun. i like sounds like: erin mccarley. matt kearney. jon mccaughlin. gabe dixon band. matt nathanson. adele. sara bereilles. jem. the afters. justin nozuka. among many others, but that can maybe give you a head start.


~ by Andria on April 8, 2010.

5 Responses to “hey DJ”

  1. Hey your note just popped up on my feed so I thought I’d put my two cents in! If you haven’t heard of her you should look up Priscilla ahn. I love her sound but she may not be upbeat enough or why your looking for! Give her a listen… If nothing else you might just have a new artist to listen to!

  2. you should listen to Zooey Deschanel’s band…it’s called ‘She & Him’. I recently heard their newest CD and it’s pretty good!

  3. http://www.myspace.com/sheandhim
    love you sister!

  4. Thank you thank you! just listened to Priscilla…i love her sound! and thanks brynny, I’m now listening to she and him. i’ve listened to them before but her sound is really unique…which i like!

  5. ok i LOVE “sweet darlin” by she and him. thanks brynny! this mayt be in the running!

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