captured: Kim & Kyle.

everyone loves a long distance relationship right? nope. not true. not even close. BUT sometimes you have to and sometimes the person you are dating is worth the distance. Kyle and Kim are dating from Seattle to Portland. She lives here. He  lives there. They get to see each other every weekend – which is a lot in Long D terms – but I’m sure every week feels like it takes forever to get to the weekend. WELL. Kyle just had to be up in Seattle when we were shooting with Kim and her siblings, so once the sib were off to the train station, us 3 went out n about in Lower Queen Anne for some fun couple photos.

I knew Kim through school but this was the first time I’d met Kyle. He was really fun though and a total sport for the sesh. i thought it was so funny that I could barely get both their heads in the same frame. just had to take a step back. kim is already so tiny and my guess would be that he is 6’5. am i right? anyway, we had a fun session together – catching up and getting to know each other. I love being acquainted with old friends. Kim and I lived in the same dorm at SPU and shared some class time together. I probably have to mention that – again – these are NOT engagement photos. just something to have and to hold when they are across the border from each other. haha. but really, a fun session and some lighthearted photos to follow. 

change of scenery. time for some fun.


 mmm. the more i do couples photography, the more i like it. the longer i get into the shoot, the more i like it. the more i get to hang with a couple, the more fun they’ll have in front of me. by the end of this shoot we were  messing around, pushing back and forth and even getting a few kisses in there. well i wasn’t. i really like the lighthearted flirty fun ones here at the end. just cuz you’re not engaged doesn’t mean you cant get some photos together. I’m gonna be coming out with some spring fling info for couples shoots here soon. if you want you and your hunny to get in front of my camera, give me a holler. take care and ta-ta for today.



~ by Andria on April 7, 2010.

2 Responses to “captured: Kim & Kyle.”

  1. the parking lot ones are my fav!

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE! thank you so much!

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