captured: sibling sesh.

3 to 1. The same ratio of siblings in my own family. Well, for most of my childhood anyway, then the 2 little ones came. Also the ratio of girls to guys at SPU. Or was it, 4 to 1. felt like it. I loved have 4 of us growing up. There was usually at least one person you could hang out with and if you were in a fight with one, it was likely one would be on your side. Luckily many household objects and even toys come in 4 color variations. yes, we were the family who assigned a color to one child. I was green. Kind of like in The Sound of Music – you know, each kid gets a particular whistle toot? Ha. We also had everything monogramed – probably because it meant our parents could get us all the same thing and then put our name on it and viola! its different. I had a very hearty set of monogramed items: stationary, suitcases, a sweet fanny pack, and toiletries. it was a good childhood. although I did learn in the video “Street Smart Child” you should never give your child materials with their name clearly on anything because a rapist or kidnapper could totally use that and make the child confused and take them! just sayin, for any paranoid parents out there reading this. stear clear of monogramming your children’s belongings. 

SO. the point of this post today and all the 4 kid / 3-to-1 ratio business has to do with the Akiyama family. They have ONE boy and THREE girls. 4 siblings. Kim. Amy. David. Katie. I was contected by Kim – who I went to college with – who wanted to book a Half 4 Haiti session as a gift to their mom (and parents) for Mothers Day. good idea. every mom LOVES pictures of thieri kiddos. I know my mom cries every time I send her a stinkin iphone picture. haha. so we met up on lower Queen Anne for their session. I LOVE this cement park. mostly at night, because it lights up and changes colors every 30 seconds or so. its sweet. i would have loved to get some with the wall all lit up – but they had to hop on a train back to Portland and the whole shooting in the pitch black doesn’t always make for a great portrait for the moms.

these 4 were really fun. one of the things i really do enjoy about shooting with siblings is they are so comfortable with each other. know how to make each other laugh. just dont ask them to hold hands. i made that mistake. haha. but they did end up laughing when i asked them to do so, which is what i wanted, so technically it worked just fine. we spent a quick hour session together but I really enjoyed watching them hang together. of course there was some friendly bickering, but helllo, they are siblings. i really liked the bright colors they chose to wear. its like hopeful thinking for spring to show up. and omg we randomly found a Twister game – so it was a total must that we get a game in. ok, that they may have brought it. aside from the homeless men who refued to get out of the back of our photos and stop sword fighting – it was a problem free shoot. we wrapped up and they headed off to the train station. so here they are: Kim. Amy. David. Katie.




this will be one of the last Half4Haiti sessions I will be posting. we’re into April now, so all that were booked have pretty much been shown already. i’ve really enjoyed the people who have participated in these sessions and am very excited to do a post once we are all done. maybe some FAVS from all the sessions? Well, one of the LAST ones will be put up tomorrow. Kim and Kyle. They are not engaged. nor married. but they booked a sessions with me. a fun couple session that say, hi, were dating and we also like to have fun. take our picture. So I will introduce them here tomorrow. toodles.

~ by Andria on April 6, 2010.

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